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Bayou la Batre ~ A Real ‘Bubba’ Gump

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We got onto Dauphin Island (Alabama) late, after dark on Thursday. Our lateness being occasioned by more on the road ‘house’ maintenance. (Another story to tell some other time about the havoc a single ‘Wet One’ can wreak.) Getting into a place late always leaves me wondering what the ‘big picture’ looks like when I awake. Feeling that way this morning we took off to survey our surroundings. The movie Forrest Gump has always left me wanting to visit the Alabama fishing village of Bayou la Batre. Checking out Dauphin Island quickly became a trip onto the mainland to Bayou la Batre.

Bayou la Batre is a welder and painters dream; shipyards on both sides, up and down. Lots of hardware and investments seemingly sitting idle, but then again I do not know the world of commercial fishing. In addition to a fishing fleet and boatyards there were processing houses. Bayou la Batre the ‘seafood capital of Alabama’.

The area seems to be getting back up to its knees after being flattened by Katrina. I am not sure what impact the BP Spill had, certainly did not help. We are sitting in a small  local cafe, the Blue Heron, eating excellent food (great daily specials or try the ‘Seafood Tater”) when in comes a local gentleman who has just gotten back into the area after trucking shrimp to ‘I don’t know where’. He has called his wife and is meeting her at the Blue Heron for lunch. Something about that or an egg sandwhich at home. I am checking out some old photography gracing the walls and ask him if he can identify any of it for me. Turns out he is born and bred in the area, lived here all his life. His name is ‘Bubba’ and proud of it. ‘Bubba’Bosarge. If my memory serves me correctly Bosarge is an original French surname with some local history attached to it. Bubba proudly (and rightly so) proclaimed his involvement in an effort to provide local families and local youth with a constructive activity outlet, that being Radio Controlled drag racing. Saturday in Coden at the Recovery Center on HWY 188.  See you there!

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Posted by bigdawg on January 28, 2011
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  1. 01/31/2011
    Stacy Harker

    Beautiful pictures! My small family and I were riding bikes on Dauphin Island and as we rode past the campground, I noticed your little car and your web address. It’s fun to see the images you captured of our local area!

  2. 01/31/2011

    Thanks for the comment and kind words.

    You live in a beautiful area. Don’t let the developers go wild. Keep the island and surrounding areas as they are as much as possible.

    Pass the word on the web site.




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