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2nd Day New Orleans & Thoughts On Moving On ~ Grand Isle and the Selling of a State’s Soul

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Spent Sunday back down in the city of New Orleans. I have to admit I am quite taken with the city center and its presentation: Jackson Square, the River Walk, and the French Quarter. Must be the old hippie in me. We have yet to see the cemeteries and the Garden District. Reason enough to return. We hung out and listened to music, walked and did some touristy shopping. On the recommendation of a youthful local tobacco and alcohol store employee we had dinner and watched the Super Bowl at the MRB Bar (Mississippi River Bottom). Good food and a good sound system. Interesting set up. The restaurant folks rent the kitchen facility from the bar. End of the night two bills: alcohol and food. Cash only. An ATM lives in a dark corner. The kitchen folks also did their sea food boils (shrimp and crab) out on the street, there on the sidewalk by the double front doors. The shrimp was great! I would go back here for the seafood. The double front doors made the sidewalk a part of this establishment.

We also ate at Rocky and Carlos in St Bernard’s /Chalmette the night we got in to town. This one is an original too: pretty intense local ambiance and good food and working man portions for the money. (Reviews)  Introduced myself to a Muffelata.  I want to take this sandwhich, or at least the recipe, back to New Hampshire with me. Good stuff but a whole Muffelatea at Rocky and Carlos’ is two meals.

Dave of Steve’s RV made the call on Rocky and Carlos for dinner. He sent us to Today’s Ketch Seafood as well but we showed up too late for the kitchen. He also built us a tow light wire connection. Nice place and nice people. I would go back here as well!

St Bernards Parrish had a blue collar working feel to it. It also felt like it had been under ten feet or so of water six years ago. The Murphy Oil refinery had a presence in the parish. The area that we were in had a mixed breed feel to it as far as economics and class went.  McMansions right next to the working man’s place right next to the Katrina hovel; confusing. Lots of class confusion for me on this trip.

I am writing this on Grand Isle at the far end of Jefferson Parish as the wind rocks the camper and make me feel as if we are on the plains of Kansas/Nebraska. The drive out to this barrier island State Park was disturbing. The salt marsh and wetlands seemed to be giving way to the oil industry. Sad to see.  Not the wildlife presence I was expecting or promised. If I could have closed my eyes to the presence of ‘Big Oil’ (or maybe it is now ‘Big Cleanup’) out here I might be able to appreciate the area. Not sure what tomorrow and the light of day will bring


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Posted by bigdawg on February 7, 2011

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