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12/15 2010 ~ Suzie Q ~ Who Wrote That Song?

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The best side of collard greens this side of Myakka City, that and some women who are a touch camera shy, this is what you will find served up, among other delights, at Suzie Q’s Restaurant, State Road 70, Myakka City, in the great citrus-growing and cattle ranching state of Florida. Unless you are in the know, the white plain-fronted building will not necessarily invite you in or slow you down at 60 miles an hour between Arcadia and Bradenton. A young State Park ranger sized us up when we checked in to Myakka SP and thought we could handle a walk on the wild side of down-home country cooking. We owe him for turning us on to the potential of a meal at Suzie Q’s. Otherwise we never would have found our way there. The Myakka Bridge detour did it’s best to work against us but after having been to Timbuktu and back we found our way to Myakka City and Suzie Q’s.

Shortly after 1:30 PM we were welcomed through the frosted glass door by a couple of pleasant Southern female voices.  Oh yes, all southern female voices are pleasant. We were encouraged to sit anywhere. Wide planked, thick pine, golden varnished picnic tables with benches awaited us. Southern hospitality, good conversation and amazingly good down-home southern cooking (and eating) ensued. Collard Greens, never having had them but having heard their virtues extolled through story and song, found their way to our table. That and home made potato chips represented as ‘Cow Chips’ plus a number of fresh homemade tortillas filled with fresh greens pork and a red salsa or green sauce: yum! Best meal between here and New Hampshire recently. In fact it rivals the Indian Taco plate on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the Dakotas for new to me tastes and textures.

The ladies were very gracious and hospitable and put up with the camera.  Thank you.

Who penned the Suzie Q song after all?

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Posted by bigdawg on December 16, 2010
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