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Jackson Square Community

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A busy Saturday afternoon in and around Jackson Square, NOLA.

Lots of people-watching, lots of photo ops.

Lots of folks enjoying their work.

jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6971 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6982 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6983 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6987The St Louis Cathedral fronted by fortune tellers.jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7006Working Artists & Street Entertainersjacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7010 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7024 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7038Working Artists of Jackson Squarejacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7047 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7049The St Louis Cathedral among the people.jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7068 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7096 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7119Larisa Ivakina Clevengerjacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7147Magician On a Motorcycle

Niko Mahoe who is making street performance work as both a lifestyle and a living.

The key: approach it as a job.jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7162 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7170 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7171Muffuletta ~ New Orlean’s Sicilian Sandwhich.

What a delicious combination – a loaf of round sesame seed bread,cold cuts, cheese, and olive relish: served warm with the cheese melted.

Could not consume the whole thing.

😉jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7175Shaft as Ian Anderson ??jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7238 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7246 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7247 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7269

NOLA has been referred to ‘as the most northern Caribbean city’.


Jackson Square, NOLA ~ A Community of Many Peoples

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Posted by bigdawg on February 2, 2014

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