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Davis Mountains, TX : Javelinas, Cacti in Bloom & a Courthouse

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The Davis Mountains Texas

Texican High Country Desert, Grasslands and Sky Islands

Davis Mountains State Park

Great base camp from which to access the area: the community of Fort Davis, Fort Davis NHS, the Davis Mountains Scenic Loop, Indian Lodge, the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center & Botanical Gardens, and the McDonald Observatory.

Seems to get busy on the weekends but not so much during the week. Interpretive Center, a couple of feeding stations and viewing blinds, Skyline Drive up high, the expectation of Montezuma Quail, sunrise and sunset, lots of atmospherics and a ‘Mexican Pig’ (Javelina) or two.

DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A0901 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A0912 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A0930 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A0936

The Chihuahuan Desert in bloom from the Rio Grande to the High Country Desert and Sky Islands of the Chisos and Davis Mountains. The mountain ranges are very discreet from one another here in the desert.

The most perfect blooms were to be found in the greenhouse/hothouse of the Chihuahuan Nature Center & Botanical Gardens.

DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A0970 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1063 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1224 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1238 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1295 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1306Desert Bloom Image Gallery

… and the Jeff Davis County Court House on a grey and threatening afternoon in the high country town of Fort Davis.

DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1310 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1312 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1315 DavisMtns-04.07.2014-6Y9A1317Imposing use of stone, color, columns and architecture:

The grounds surrounded at the street by wrought iron fencing with four entrances.

Original 1910 turnstiles at the street level entrances to the walkways.

One turnstile removed in order to be handicapped accessible.

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