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Upper Valley Vixens v Black Ice Brawlers (2)

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Intense bout right down to the final jam: lots of energy and emotion.

From close to 40 down at half time to a 198 – 189 win.

Well played and well engaged by both squads.

Every bout, no matter what end of it you are on should be like this bout.

Congrats to both squads: GMDD Black Ice Brawlers and the TSD Upper Valley Vixens.

VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A6471 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A6496 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A6505 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A6844 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7179 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7182 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7190 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7207 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7209

Making Her PointVixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7231Intensity : Ya Think!!VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7257 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7258

Uhhhhh!!VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7382 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7587Let’s All Go To Disney World!!VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7607 VixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7614Can’t Beat This & Good Clean Fun To BootVixensvBrawlers-06.07.2014-6Y9A7670Link to Expanded Bout Gallery

Credit Where Credit Is Due, Thank You!!

You Should of Been There


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Posted by bigdawg on June 9, 2014

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