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Graciousness and Hospitality ~ Washington, Louisiana

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A day of touring: Washington and Grand Coteau, Louisiana.

Magnolia Ridge circa 1820.  The Washington town museum and a lady who is the soul of hospitality and graciousness. Live Oaks and the National Registry.


A good day of touring ended with  the righting of a wrong and some Cracklin’s and Boudin (say Boo-dan) from Ray’s Boudin. The boudin at Ray’s corrected the lingering blah taste in my mouth from bland boudin on Avery Island  awhile back. The Cracklin’s don’t sound good but boy were they. The Spicy Boudin was just that and way good.

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Posted by bigdawg on February 26, 2011
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  1. 03/2/2011

    Thanks for the complement. Where did you go from here. I was glad to meet both of you.
    Please come again.


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