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Savoys’ Music Center ~ Saturday Jam

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The thought of a lounge full of dancin’ drinkin’ folks at 8:30 AM drove us on past Fred’s Lounge in Mamou to Savoy’s Music Center outside of Eunice. I found Fred’s (and Slim’s Y-Ki-Ki) a little intimidating. Savoy’s did turn out to be more our speed. Good folk, good music – folk from everywhere, jam session music from Acadiana.  The hot bed of Wilson Savoy and the Pine Leaf Boys. Woo Hoo!

The jam sessions have been right on, I may be getting too old for that bar scene.

Imagine that … Oh well.

Lots of exceptional folk musicians in Louisiana, young and not so young alike,  keeping the ‘music’ alive.

Good Stuff!

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Posted by bigdawg on February 27, 2011
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  1. 03/1/2011
    Sarah McKinney

    Nice portraits dad! I might be too old for the bar scene as well… at least that is not my preferred location to troll for men.

  2. 03/2/2012
    Don and Betsy Gemmecke

    Just found you on the Yahoo Vietw/Navion forum. We’re planning to upgrade to a used View in the spring/summer but can’t find anyone nearby (or a close dealer) to ask questions, see a unit, etc. Any chance you’ll be back in NH by spring or are you on permanent walkabout?

    • 03/3/2012

      We are home the end of April. Grandson starting to crawl and two daughters still in NH. See you then!


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