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Bay Village (OH) Skate

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Bay Village Skate and Bike Park

Bay Village, Ohio

On Lake Erie west of Cleveland. The last township in Cuyahoga County going west.

A snippet of time on Friday 9/18 2015.

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Strength, balance and agility outside the box.bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5474 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5490 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5492 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5645 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5674 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5675 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5676 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5677 bayskate.9.2015-6Y9A5678The kid with the scooter was the last one through while I was there. Everyone else had cleared out.

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Posted by bigdawg on September 20, 2015

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