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Myakka River State Park

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Myakka River State Park

West Central Florida

A grab bag of images from Florida’s largest state park.


Beautiful but invasive wild hyacinth that grows in mats on the surface of the lakes.6Y9A0077 6Y9A0082


Took me a bit to puzzle out the protrusion from the hawk’s belly

6Y9A8438 6Y9A9706 6Y9A9711 6Y9A9729

Canopy Walk among the Live Oaks, Spanish Moss and Palms6Y9A9742 6Y9A9743 6Y9A9779

Live Oak

The following images were captured on the Bird Walk.

6Y9A9814 6Y9A9846

Did anyone take you Snipe hunting back in your naive youth?


A couple of well-camouflaged Snipe at the far end of the Bird Walk.6Y9A9905 6Y9A9912

Great Blue Heron walking in more than what he bargained for in the way of a meal, … but he has a plan.6Y9A9939 6Y9A9957

Get to high ground and stab that tilapia (?), another invasive species, until it succumbs.6Y9A9965 6Y9A9972 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A7884 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A7890 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A7979 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8007 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8026 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8027 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8055 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8056 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8124 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8125 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8307 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8312 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8320

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