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Delahaye 135

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Delahaye 135

“She just wanted to ride in a Delahaye 135.

She just wanted to ride in a Hudson Commodore.

No need to worry anymore.”

Jason Isbell

Lyrics from ‘Hudson Commodore’

There is a story here.

Jason Isbell has entranced us with his most recent music. We listen often.

Certain songs stick in the mind. Hudson Commodore does just that.

The reference to Delahaye 135 and Hudson Commodore intrigued me.

Classic cars: right up my interest ally.

Further search took me to collections and collectors that had either on display.

The Commodores seem to be found in the midwest. Nowhere near our winter road trip route.

The Delahaye 135 was a different story.

Enter the REVS Institute for Automotive Reserarch.

A combined collection (The Collier and Cunningham collections) of fine automobiles housed, maintained and displayed in Naples, Florida.

They possess and display a Delahaye 135. We put it on our photo op list.

The REVS Institute for Automotive Reserarch is worth the time and money.

Treat yourself to the docent led tour, then linger afterwards.

Listen to Jason Isbell’s song while you enjoy the images.

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Posted by bigdawg on December 17, 2015

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