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Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

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Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

At The Santa Fe Railyard

Saturday 11/26 2016


Have tricycle piano will travel.santafefarmersmarket6y9a5715Santa Fe Farmer’s Market ~ Good Food & Good People ~ A Credit to Santa FE, NM


santafefarmersmarket6y9a5726This guy had the process down and was willing to share: boil your new or smallish potatoes the night before, drain and cool down, cut and crisp up in a small amount of oil, sprinkle with some large grain salt, and share with whomever happens by.

santafefarmersmarket6y9a5727Like I said: Yum!!santafefarmersmarket6y9a5728

Fresh & Colorful Onessantafefarmersmarket6y9a5738 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5742

Green Chile & Cheese for brunch.

santafefarmersmarket6y9a5885Bread, bread and more bread. This gent called me back for this pose. 😉

santafefarmersmarket6y9a5834santafefarmersmarket6y9a5783Learned to play by ear. santafefarmersmarket6y9a5785 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5815 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5816 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5821 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5830The Santa Fe Railyard, an active AMTRAK stop.santafefarmersmarket6y9a5840 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5841 santafefarmersmarket6y9a5854Rail Runner Expresssantafefarmersmarket6y9a5869

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Posted by bigdawg on November 26, 2016

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