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Death Valley National Park (and just beyond) ~ Rhyolite, Nevada

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Rhyolite, Nevada

Founded in 1904 and dead by 1916.

Gold mining boom-town ghost town east of Death Valley NP, California and west of Beatty, Nevada a latter day gold mining boom-bust-town.

The National Park Service’s ‘take’ on Rhyolite’s history.

Legends of America Link.

John S. Cook & Co. Bank

Four story building in the center of town.

The second floor was Dr. Jewett’s Office and the basement was the Rhyolite Post Office.

HD & LD Porter Mercantile across and just down the main street from the John S. Cook & Co. Bank Main Street Rubble

Back Street RubbleSemi-restored and now protected from the overly-inquisitive-no-acquisitive-amongst-us, a Rhyolite residential building.Looking up through town from the restored residential building to the John S. Cook & Co. Bank in Rhyolite’s business center.

Rhyolite, Nevada and the Bullfrog Hills, 1909

Image Source

Just down the street from the residential building and near the jail house, the grave of Mona Bell.

Mona Bell was a young prostitute who’d been killed by her pimp. The respectable women of Rhyolite refused to allow her to be buried in the proper cemetery and so the miners, who loved her and grieved for her, dug this lonely grave out on the edge of town behind the red-light district. Before they consigned her to the earth, they carried her through the streets in a parade.

There is a story, legend buried here. Not sure which is more interesting the truth or the legend: Part 1 and Part 2Looking up through town to the mercantile and bank buildings in the town business center. Swedish modern art in remembrance of ‘Shorty’.Albert Szukalski’ The ‘Ghost Rider’

Part of the Goldwell Open Air Museum, a number of weird and bizarre works of art strewn around this ghost town.

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Posted by bigdawg on December 18, 2016
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  1. 10/23/2019

    Hi there. I’m a writer. Next spring 2020, I’m planning to publish a book /novel in The Netherlands that is about Rhyolite. Maybe I want to use a photo of you as cover. (Mona Belle’s grave)
    Don’t know if the publisher agrees with me, but if he does: what do you charge for the use of your photo? (there is a slight chance the book will also be published in the USA too…


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