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Two Weeks Out of the Womb!

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Just a touch more than two weeks out of the womb.

At his, at the family’s, two week check up young master Wyatt weighed in at a pound more than his birth weight.

Congrats to all; this thanks to a very consistent feeding schedule!

Young master Wyatt dresses up well too.

So far he has ventured out to the lake house and the doctor’s office.



























Wyatt seems to have the Churchill hairline?

Ruddy complexion, rich mother’s milk?










Always the hands and arms are bicycling and moving about, unless he is sleeping or swaddled.









Visually very focused and intent. Loves a bright window.









… and a developing personality starting to show through maybe?









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Posted by bigdawg on August 12, 2011
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  1. 08/16/2011

    I love this baby!
    Wyatt is the spitting image of Bob.


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