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Abita Brewery ~ Abita Springs, Louisiana ~ 2017

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Abita Brewery

Last visited 2012.

Huge changes for and investments in the craft brew industry in the past five years.

Those changes are on display at both breweries that we visited this trip (2017):

Shiner (TX) and Abita (LA)

Still single breweries in small towns but both have made huge investments in updating and upgrading their brewery equipment and facility.

Abita allowed for the more comfortable and photographically accessible tour of the two.

Both were equally proud of their brewery, their people and their product.

The free-wheeling step-right-up & serve-yourself tasting room of five years ago at Abita is no more.

Now that Abita has made a name and a presence for themselves on the craft brew scene,

controlled intake, controlled access and at a cost is the name of the tasting room game.

Still very nice.

Still an enjoyable afternoon.

An extremely energy efficient operation, nothing is lost. Same tanks, just the room/floor below.

Abita Brewery 2012 – Blog Post Link

Abita FB

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Posted by bigdawg on February 27, 2017

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