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Far West Texas – Winter Solstice – Terlingua’s Porch

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Winter on the road.

The chase of above freezing temperatures forces our hand, plans are changed.

Terlingua bound.

On our way to a birthday dinner at Terlingua’s Starlight Theater a ‘late in the day lit’ voice calls out from the ‘porch’, “I know you!”

This as we exit our Smart car tow car heading for the Starlight for Debbie’s 66th birthday dinner.

Turns out I knew him as well.

Mark Lewis, Terlingua fiddler extraordinaire.

He and I have a music and digital image connection going back a number of years.

Chiefly fiddle circles, local folk, local musicians in Terlingua, Texas

Mark seemed interested in continuing the connection and let me know that there would be a musical gathering on ‘the Porch’ that Sunday, the day after Winter Solstice at 3 PM.

Mark Lewis, Ted Arbogast, Charlotte Teer, and a musician from Austin whose name escapes me (let me know and I will correct my text) plus a ‘low estrogen’ (their words) women’s choir bank of lusty voices showed up.

It soon became evident that the women’s voices had been doing some practicing away from ‘the Porch’.

Image Gallery Link ~ Terlingua’s Porch ~ 12-22 2019

Far West Texas & Terlingua, Texas past travel blog entries follow, music scene and otherwise. Interesting to look back at the people and the faces of the region and area.

Some gone from Terlingua, some gone period, some just passing through, and some still around.

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