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Photo Opportunities : Butler City and the Barns of Butler County Pennsylvania

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Butler City Pennsylvania is a thriving small city community. Good energy abounds and good things seem to be happening for Butler City and Butler County. The Butler County Historical Society is worth a visit, both online and in person. Butler City lays claim to being the birth place of the Jeep back in the day. The Butler County Tourism Bureau produces and distributes an excellent brochure highlighting the Barns of Butler County by way of a  Barn Trail.

As far as photo ops go the Barn Trail is worth a look as well as the time to check it out.

The Working Dairy Farm : Marburger’s

The Historic District of Harmony in Butler County is a worthy day trip as well!

I was only able to hit 4 of the many barns on the Barn Trail given a morning’s drive. Some are working farms and some seemed to be hobby farms, either way they are staunching the suburban sprawl that seems to be encroaching everywhere.

Development after development, McMansion after McMansion.

Lots of countryside yet, but it almost feels doomed to the surge of the developer’s dozer blade.

Thank you for your commentary and critique.

Heading west, still colder than I want it to be. We probably need to head south immediately.

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Posted by bigdawg on December 1, 2011

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