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Bitter Lake NWR New Mexico

While in the Roswell, NM area we stayed at Bottomless Lakes SP east of town.

Nice place, unique geology and hydrology; Carlsbad Caverns above ground.

While searching in vain for the 1947 Alien Crash Site we were inexplicably drawn to Bitter Lake NWR.

Lots of active wildlife, more so in the evening. The early morn was socked in by fog and overcast.

This guy never budged betting that his camo would do the trick.

Driving that little black Smart Car through the refuge in the morning fog and overcast was like being in a blind on wheels.

Chilly with both windows open.

Sand Hill Cranes

An active wetland environment.

Lots of big raptors on the wing hunting in the AM. May be why there was more wildlife activity in general during our afternoon visit.

Everyone was keeping their heads down in the morning for fear of sharp talons from on high.

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Posted by bigdawg on December 14, 2011

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