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Lejeune’s Sauage Kitchen ~ Eunice, Louisiana

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Three thousand pounds of pork and beef processed weekly.

Three thousand pounds of sausage and tasso smoked weekly.

Three thousand pounds of tasso, pork sausage, pork and garlic sausage and mixed sausage sold face to face across the counter weekly to customers in the community and beyond .

The Lejeune Family Sausage Kitchen

108 Tasso Circle

Eunice, Louisiana

In the family for generations.

Nita and Kermit Lejeune : 35 years

Ryan Lejeune : 35 years

John and Lechia Lejeune : 20 years

Nick Guidry

The Lejeune family secret:  only the best ingredients, cleanliness, real wood, time, hard work, word of mouth…

and last but not least pride in product and pride in the family name.

This is a small family business that supports an extended family of three families and pays a living wage to an employee as well.

Interesting process and quality great tasting products.

Special order processing and smoking – your venison sausage.

Very friendly folk, very proud of their business, their product and who they are and what they do.

Cutting, trimming, weighing and grinding.

Green sausage in the fore ground.

John with the dry seasoning measured and mixed by Lechia.

Wetting the dry seasoning.

Adding the wet seasoning.

Tight clean 3-man work space.

Ground, seasoned and mixed bulk sausage on its way to the cooler to ‘set and season’.

Green sausage in the foreground.

Into the cooler.

Nick having filled the sausage stuffing ‘piston’ with bulk sausage that has ‘set’.

Bulk sausage into casings as green sausage.

The end of a ‘piston’ run.

Sausage stuffing ‘horns’ from back in the day.

Antique wood splitting ‘machine’ from back in Kermit Lejeune’s day: pecan, hickory and oak smoking woods.

Smokehouses – two of three.

Ryan with smoked tasso – ‘Cajun ham’

Pounce : Cajun pork roasts!

End of the day ‘smoke’ out first.

Sausage comin’ out of the smoker and on it’s way to the cooler.

Cooler packed with tomorrow’s sales.

Tomorrow’s fresh ‘smoke’ wood.

Boxed and on display the next day after cooling overnight.

Cajun commerce!

Get yourself down to Lejeune’s Sauage Kitchen!

Thank you Ryan and John Lejeune!

Nita and Kermit you raised your family well!

Posted by bigdawg on February 16, 2012
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  1. 08/3/2013
    John F. Edwards

    I just heard about your product from my brother-in-law Jody Aycock and we are going to come and visit your store as soon as possible. Do you have a price list of your products posted on the web? If not could you email me back one? I have friends and family that I would like to send some of your product. Thanks

    John F. Edwards

    • 08/15/2013

      call lejune’s directly ~ this is just a travel blog ~ they do have good sausage!!

  2. 09/12/2015
    Ted Fontenot

    Great smoked sausage and pounces. The tasso is in a class of its own. As red as that shown in the picture and so tender you can make sandwiches or poboys with it.

  3. 03/24/2016
    Brenda Friesen

    Best sausage. Family and friends always ask us to bring them boxes of it when we go out of town. They are the sweetest people I know.

  4. 02/2/2017
    Kelly Simon

    I remember when Mr. Kermit bought that house and started smoking meat. As a middle school student waiting for the bus was much more pleasant with that wonderful smell floating all around the neighborhood. YUM

  5. 02/3/2017
    Margarita Guillory

    I love all this so much, I live in Tucson,Arizona
    Do you send to other states?

  6. 01/20/2018

    We have been trading with the Lejuene Sausage Kitchen for sone
    thirty years. It is a 360 mile round trip.but well worttj the effort when
    visit family in Eunice. We mostly make cajun gumbo from my mom’s
    recipe and share it with friends in Lufkin,Tx. The often extol the taste
    of those Cajun sausage and we often brings some tor them
    C’est beaucoup bon. and cannot in replicated in Texas.

  7. 06/1/2019
    Lisa Deshotel

    Absolutely the best tasso and sausage! This family owned business takes pride in creating the best product and gives back to their community . Love this family. They are the best!


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