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Mean Mountain Boys v Casco Bay Gentlemen

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Mean Mountain Boys v Casco Bay Gentlemen’s Club

Closing Bout in the Wicked v Good Doubleheader

Rumor has it that the Texas Fly-Boy ran wild in a losing effort?!?

derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2870 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2951 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3103 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3104 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3150 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3213 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3219 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3389 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3393 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3403 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3404 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3405 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3452 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3528 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3529 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3531 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3537 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3620 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3622 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3623 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3627 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3629 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3632 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3633 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3869 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3870 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A3871 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4035 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4036 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4037 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4040 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4041 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4044 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4073 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A4074

Something For Everyone : Expanded Bout Gallery

Credit Where Credit Is Due ~ Thank You

15 Oct 2014

Wicked v Good 2014 ~MRD

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Maine Roller Derby

Wicked Good : Some Sort of Maine Thing


2014 Wicked v Good

Portland  (Maine) Expo

Some Individual Shots and Sequences – Less Than a Half of Skating

Good Clean Fun As Always

derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2167 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2221 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2223 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2442 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2443 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2608 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2679 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2697 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2755 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2796

Expanded Bout Gallery

Credit Where Credit Is Due ~ Thank You!!

13 Oct 2014

Upper Valley Vixens vs Bay State Brawlers ~ 10/4 2014

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Upper Valley Vixens vs Bay State Brawlers

10/4 2014

Competitive bout won by the Bay State Brawlers, 196-164!

Lots of sequenced images ~ Patience while these load.

vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0440 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0461 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0464 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0465 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0466 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0467 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0468 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0485 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0555 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0556 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0557

skate to skatevixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0575 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0598 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0614 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0615 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0619 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0621 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0664 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0686 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0687 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0688 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0713 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0714 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0715 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0716 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0717 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0718 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0720 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0721 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0873 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0879 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0935 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0937

BOOM!!vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0938 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0939 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0940 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0943 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0944 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0945 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0946 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0949 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0950

the low down!!vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0951 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0952 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0953 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0954 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0955 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0973 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0974 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0977 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0978 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A0979 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1027 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1028 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1029 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1030 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1031 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1039 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1040 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1110 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1130 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1160 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1167 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1168 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1169 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1189 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1190 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1191 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1192

’nuff said : mvp jammervixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1193 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1196 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1201 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1204 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1205 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1211 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1213 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1227 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1228 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1229 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1230 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1231 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1232 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1233 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1234 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1246 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1257 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1258 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1259 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1260 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1262 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1263 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1264 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1265 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1266 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1267 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1268 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1269 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1270 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1271 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1272 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1273 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1379 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1381 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1408 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1409 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1412 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1419 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1428 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1429 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1461 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1462 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1499 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1505 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1548 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1574 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1577 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1591 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1593 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1594 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1595 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1596 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1597 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1598 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1599 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1601 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1621 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1641 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1642 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1645 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1657 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1658 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1659 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1660 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1661 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1662 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1663 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1664 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1670 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1678 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1679 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1680 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1681 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1682 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1688 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1689 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1690 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1691 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1692 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1693 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1694 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1706 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1787 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1788 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1803 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1804 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1805 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1806 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1807 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1808 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1809 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1810 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1811 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1858 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1869 vixens-10.4.2014-_Y9A1901Good Clean Fun


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Patience While Loading

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7 Oct 2014

One Old Timer to Another …

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While poking around Otter Cove in Acadia National Park a local fellow, an old timer, older than me by a decade, got my attention:

“I want to point out a wonderful family monument. Harold Walls, a lobsterman, who died ten years ago or so, had his slip here. His sons erected this piling in memory of their father.”

The memorial piling was at the head of a recognizable-at-low-tide slip on the rocky boulder beach of Otter Cove. The piling contained a brass insert with a verse of poetry etched upon its surface. The brass poetry inset faced the water. The verse was readable to a point but a complete reading was not to be.

And so began an ongoing search for Harold Walls:  lobsterman and gardener, writer and poet, husband and father.AcadiaNP-9-23.2014-_Y9A9815

The old timer sharing his local knowledge with me explained that Walls was a local Otter Creek village area family name and that Harold had lived and worked from off the Otter Cliff road.

The proprietor of the local store was from away, Sarasota, Florida and was no help in tracking down the verse or the Harold Walls family. He did suggest the Bar Harbor History Museum back in town.

The Bar Harbor Historical Society, housed in an architecturally unique brick building, a nunnery back in the day, did not have the poem or the printed collection of Harold Wall’s prose and poetry either. A docent with the Walls surname professed surprise and interest in the search but had nothing to add.

Passing through the village of Otter Creek on our way back to Blackwoods we stopped at the local restaurant, The Burning Tree. The aromas of the evening’s meal being prepped were marvelous. The owner-chef listened to my quest and provided a name. The name of the self-appointed local historian and keeper of Otter Creek village knowledge and lore: a College of the Atlantic professor, whom I was unable to raise at either home or work.

Frustrated but feeling closer and maybe more importantly, meeting interesting folk along the way. Stopped at a Wall’s family mail box on the way out of the village of Otter Creek. The gentleman at the door did not know of the memorial nor the poetry but did know of Harold Walls and his sons. I left with general directions to the Robert Walls’ residence on the other side of Bar Harbor, Hull’s Cove and the Crooked Road. This Otter Creek Walls was pleased to help and helpful he was.

Took a little time to piece together the directions, expand my limited exposure to the back roads of Mt Desert Island and put places to names. Thankfully, the Walls as an extended family, seem to favor having their name posted on their mail boxes.

Finding Robert Walls at home on a Thursday afternoon, he patiently listened on his front stoop. With a touch of emotion in his voice and face he said that Harold Walls’ was his dad. He asked of the condition of the memorial piling and Harold’s Otter Cove slip. As he invited me into his home he shared this memory of his dad: Seems Harold Walls was one for giving hitchhikers a lift. Family members expressed concern as the world around us changed. Harold demurred and continued to pick up the man by the side of the road saying that trust in your fellow man and the opportunity to meet someone new trumped all.

Robert Walls, son of Harold Walls, shared with me his personal copy of his dad’s prose and poetry as well as an extensive Acadia National Park research document on the history of Otter Creek village and Otter  Cove. I walked away that evening with these Walls’ family heirlooms on the promise of returning them on the morrow.



The sun had ceased its reign

and storm clouds gathered on this day,

An old man,bent and motion slow,

Tugged wave-thrown stones aside,

that stopped his labored way.


A way that had been cleared

since long ago, by hands then young,

Great sea-thrust boulders, weed-decked,

Must now again, from hallowed path, be flung.


The old man paused, the “faster’ rain now trekked,

dilute with sweat, his toil-spent face.

His eyes, but for the moment blurred,

seek now the path-course yet must clear,

To aide his laggard pace.


From beach-top, where wild rose contend

with cottage gray and old,

It winds its tortured way, this path.

When cleared, promote …

An easier access for the age-slowed man.

To reach his love … his BOAT.


Explanation of “Picking the Slip”

In an era  of time past, the commercial fishing enterprise was often a small-crew pursuit. These crews of two, sometimes only one individual, kept their craft moored in numerous harbors and coves along the coast-line.

They needed tenders: small row-boats by which to reach their larger craft anchored in mid-harbor. They also needed access from their houses or their trucks at beach-top, over the boulder-strewn distance to the tenders at water’s edge.

They gained this access by laboriously tugging aside these sea-smoothed, weed-decked stones. Thus moved, there was remaining , a somewhat smoothed and useable pathway.

Many times during some years, the stones would again be thrown back into the path by storm waves, into the path so painfully cleared. Thus my poem, “Picking the Slip”.

Poetry and Prose by Harold Walls from Awaiting the Glin


Born Harold Willis Walls to Willis James and Carrie Sarah (Young) Walls, June 25, 1913 in Bar Harbor, Maine. He lived with his wife Inez (Gilley) for 62 years in the same house where he was born and where they raised five children. A lifelong Otter Creek fisherman, his early working years were spent fishing for a living using traditional New England techniques such as hand-lining for cod and seining for herring by torchlight. Later he worked as an independent lobster-man and as a gardener at well known summer estates. He enjoyed reading and occasionally wrote poetry and short stories about his life fishing out of Otter Cove.

Harold Walls died in the Fall of 2000, three years after a severe stroke caused him to lose most of his mobility and his ability to communicate through language. He spent the last years of his life at home under the care of family members and at a local nursing home. Family members fondly remember his characteristic patience and gentle manner throughout his final years.

While Harold was a talented high school student his family circumstances and the difficult times of the Great Depression prevented him from continuing his formal education. His mother died of cancer when he was still a boy. A few years later, his father contracted a debilitating and lingering form of cancer that made it necessary  for Harold to take responsibility for the family welfare while still a young man.

Throughout his adult life, Harold continued to educate himself about a vast range of human experience and expression through literature and poetry. He wrote out of a joyful fascination with words, something that many in the family learned to enjoy with him and independently. …  He possessed a keen and scholarly mind that allowed him to step back from the labor at hand and view it from an intellectual, even historical perspective. … He observed all … but even more importantly, he had the words to articulate and to record it all before the old ways disappeared forever.

Known for his kindness, gentleness and absolute honesty. These virtues were reflected in his deep respect for all living things, a respect that was only heightened by his reliance on nature for his survival. With his wife Inez, he enjoyed a quiet and intimate family life in which he fostered a sense of responsibility and duty that has profoundly affected and influenced the lives of his children and grandchildren.

Preface – Awaiting the Glin


A hearty thank you to the local old timer that pointed me in the direction of Harold Walls. Who are you?

A thank you to the people of the village of Otter Creek for their patience and sharing.

A thank you to Robert Walls for his trust in the stranger at his door.  Your father raised you well.

Awaiting the Glin, the collection of Harold Walls poetry and prose is available at the Jesup Library in Bar Harbor for in library use.

Acadia On My Mind blog link ~ Otter Creek Post

1 Oct 2014