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Stucco Over Adobe ~ Juan Carradsco

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The camera and lens allows for many conversations that might not happen otherwise.

Our travels end up being chronicled by the images, the people and the conversations.

Work being done at the Marathon (TX) Motel and RV Park on the adobe walls of the court yard: a quality place with quality people.

Adobe settles; stucco cracks and needs repair.

Taping and  and prepping of the work area completed, metal screen or lath gets applied where necessary. Appropriately mixed stucco of the right consistency is applied by trowel. A blending and roughening toll is used to do exactly that on the drying stucco surface. When appropriately dried a coloring agent is applied.  Later a blending agent and water are used to achieve color consistency through out the job.






Juan Carradsco, Alpine, Texas Tradesman

Posted by bigdawg on March 3, 2013

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