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Chesser Island Boardwalk ~ Okeefenokee NWR

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Chesser Island Boardwalk

Okeefenokee NWR

All the birds and wildlife activity with the exception of the alligators was well removed from the boardwalk and the viewing platform on our arrival. There had been lots of human comings-and-goings up to that point. Thirty minutes of stillness & quiet brought some activity within range.

Nicest day weather-wise of our entire trip.

Okeefenokee NWR has recovered from a dry spell and fire two years ago. There is water back in the system and things are greening up around and through the burnt-over areas.

Okefenokee12.19.2013-6Y9A1207 Okefenokee12.19.2013-6Y9A1208 Okefenokee12.19.2013-6Y9A1209 Okefenokee12.19.2013-6Y9A1211

Okeefenokee Pastimes immediately across from the east entrance, the federal entrance to Okeefenokee NWR, gets high marks as a place to camp and access the NWR.

Nice folks.

Nice facilities.

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Posted by bigdawg on December 20, 2013

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