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Savannah Photo Walk

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If you find yourself with camera in hand in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia : venture forth.

See the big picture, tell the story, illuminate the details.

I like Boston, Massachusetts.

I like NOLA.

I like Charleston, South Carolina.

My favorite east coast/eastern city may well be Savannah, Georgia.

savannah01-2016-6Y9A4087 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4099 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4115 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4122 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4124 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4125

Lots of ironwork in and around Savannah, some of it goes back a ways some of it rather recent. It all has a story to tell.

Today my Savannah photo walk guides and ironwork story tellers were Pablo Aquilar and Brittany Nelson of Capturing Savannah . Pablo and Britt offer a wide variety of photographic walking tours in Savannah : any time of day, any camera, any level of photographic expertise, and the many locales, squares and neighborhoods within the city of Savannah. They are very comfortable with the sights and history of Savannah : excellent communicators and excellent teachers.

Check out Capturing Savannah .

Pablo and Britt are the real deal. savannah01-2016-6Y9A4153 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4158 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4159 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4171 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4189 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4232 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4328 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4352 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4358 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4364 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4369 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4370 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4371 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4390 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4407 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4412 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4425 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4432 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4441 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4444 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4470 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4488 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4491 savannah01-2016-6Y9A4510

We find Savannah to a safe and accessible city.

History and diversity, squares and neighborhoods, public transportation and people out and about, architecture and sculpture.

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Posted by bigdawg on February 2, 2016

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