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Cuba 2016 – V

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Cuba 2016


Proud Cubans Allwfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A7118

Self-Reliant Cubans wfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A7357Young People Anywhere ~ Young People Everywhere



This Side Yard Mechanic Spoke To Me In Spanish the Entire Time I Photographed Him: A Running Monologue For A Good 10 Minutes.wfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A8002

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Posted by bigdawg on February 19, 2016
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  1. 02/26/2016

    Great shots as always, Steve. I see much similarity to the Mexican towns we’ve visited in architecture and landscape. Cuba seems to be in much greater disrepair than Mexico. The old American cars add color and charm. I found it interesting the newness of the little boys’ baseball uniforms. There is an African influence in Cuba not found in Mexico. Despite the appearance of poverty, you have captured the Cubans spirit and pride. Thank you!


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