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Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida ~ II

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Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Florida State Parks

More an Ecological Preserve Than a State Park and All the Better For It

Way Windy Day For the Meadowlarks

Bothered By the Wind Big Time Not At All Bothered By the Wind

On the Hunt

Seven Mile Slough Success

Made Quick Work of This Catch While the Other Predatory Birds Stood Around On the Periphery

One Well Fed Anhinga Picking Up Sticks and Pitching Them In the Air and Then Trying To Catch Them ~ Odd One of My Favorite Places In the State of Florida

I Am Fearing That the Word Is Out

Hopefully the Increased Interest, Recognition and Visitation Can Be Managed For the Betterment of the Preserve

Friends of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida

(March 20117) – Blog Post Link

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Expanded Image Gallery Link

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Posted by bigdawg on March 7, 2017

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