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Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

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More On-the-Road Quirkiness

Historic Savannah Is a Gem

Saved From Sherman and Then Saved Again From ‘Development’

Savannah May Win the Award For the Favorite New-To-Us Locale On This Trip

The Gents of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

An Ex-Pat New Englander, “Plymouth, New Hampshire Born and Bred”, Come To Savannah To Make Candy

The Application of Color and Flavor – Lo and Behold : Raspberry Taffy

 A Ninety-Eight Year Old Machine – Measures, Cuts and Wraps

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Posted by bigdawg on March 29, 2012
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  1. 03/20/2014
    Langmaack, Tobias

    Hey There,
    I live in Germany and we like to start a salt Water Taffy production. Can you help us to find a wrapping machine, like yours little red one? it is not possible to buy this kind of machine in germany! Maybe there ist a marked for used machines in the USA?
    And by the way, where can we buy flavors? For Example buttered popcorn?

    It would be great if you can help us. I think we will be first in manufactin taffys in Germany

    Whit greatings from Tobias Langmaack, Germany, Hamburg


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