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Session Americana ~ One Longfellow Square ~ Portland, Maine

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Jim Fitting & Ry Cavannaugh

Session Americana deserves more attention regionally and nationally.

Great musicians with excellent stage presence.

If you like ‘The Band’s’ music you will enjoy Session Americana.

We have heard them twice and seen them once (sit where there is a good view – center stage up close). Each time they had a core group of players with others sitting in. “Sitting in’ being the operative term as the players all sit closely around a small circular table with a single condenser mic in the center (with instrumental mics suspended under the table). This arrangement is tight as is the music and the band’s presentation. There is also some intense give and take and quick-witted repartee back and forth  around the table. A sense of humor is not missing here!

Ry Cavannaugh

Jim Fitting on Harmonica

Jim Fitting & Ry Cavannaugh

Billy Beard & Jimmy Ryan

Dinty Child

Like the NPR guy says, “I’d give them 100 miles. That is to say, if they’re playing anywhere within 100 miles of your home, you drive there and are grandly rewarded for your effort.”

Conway, New Hampshire to Portland, Maine – a touch under 100 miles!

27 Oct 2012