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West Texas High School Baseball ~ Alpine Fightin’ Bucks

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Alpine, Texas, West Texas to be correct.

Home of a piece of living history: Kokernot Field.

The Alpine Independent School District currently owns the field once called the ‘Yankee Stadium of Texas’. AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8689 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8690 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8692 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8693

The Alpine Cowboys played semi-pro or minor league ball back in the day and as of four years ago they are back on the field again as a part of Pecos League baseball.

AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8781 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8782 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8835The stadium was constructed in 1947 by Big Bend rancher Herbert Lee Kokernot Jr. for his semi-professional baseball team.

AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8934 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8936

Satchel Paige pitched at Kokernot Field. Norm Cash and Gaylord Perry both played ball here as well.

AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A8953 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9041 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9046 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9094 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9096

A chilly windy night blew me away after three innings with the Alpine Fightin’ Bucks firmly in control of the game and score over the visiting team from Crane, Texas.AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9138 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9139 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9140 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9163 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9171 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9212 AlpineTXFightin'Bucks-3.25.2014-6Y9A9190

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26 Mar 2014

Eve’s Garden : Marathon : HWY 90 West Texas

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Eve’s Garden Organic B&B

Marathon, Texas

Strong independent women with a vision making it happen in the west Texas Chihuahuan desert.

Kate Thayer of the Dublin, NH Thayers followed brother ‘Talkin’ Ted’ Thayer (then) of Terlingua to Marathon, Texas. She and her son Noble and daughter-in-law, daughter-in-spirit Alaine have created and are creating an ever evolving garden, eco-system and people centered bed and breakfast on their corner block of the small west Texas town of Marathon.

Very welcoming, very positive and very inclusive, both the people and the place.

Visit & Book a Stay


MarathonTX-3.21.2014-6Y9A8256E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8366 E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8374


E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8384 E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8381

Gracious and engaging hosts.

Excellent cooks worthy of this excellent kitchen.

BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8332BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8329BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8328BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8347Wonderful home cooked meals.

Relaxing and engaging conversation.

BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8324BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8323BF.E'sG.MarathonTX-3.23.2014-6Y9A8325We will return.

Thank you Kate and Alaine!

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Marathon, Texas

23 Mar 2014

Slaid Cleaves ~ Fischer Haus Cantina

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After touring his latest CD : Still Fighting the War this time last year, Slaid Cleaves found his way back to the Fischer Haus Cantina in Fischer, Texas in the Hill Country somehwere between Wimberely and Blanco.

His musical chops earned and dues well paid : Not SXSW and not Not SXSW as well.

slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-001Accompanied by Chojo Jacques of Dripping Springs on fiddle and mandolin.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-004 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-018A tip of the hat to both musicians: balance and interplay, mutual respect for one another’s talents and skills.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-028 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-034 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-042Slaid has honed his craft well.

Great  musicianship, stagecraft, songs and story telling.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-071 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-077 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-094Slaid and Chojo owned the Fischer audience:

Many were Hill Country Texans who  related immediately and directly to Slaid’s stories, remembrances and song lyrics.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-115

The Fischer Haus Cantina is a laid back open air venue, wonderful for the type of music presented here.

slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-126 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-127

Expressive music played and voiced expressively.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-128 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-130

A ‘Mainiac’ of a Texas Singer-Songwriter: great music and the perfect end to our Austin live music experience. slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-140


16 Mar 2014

Greune Hall Texas ~ Outside & In

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Gruene Hall in the Historic District of Gruene that has been subsumed, consumed by the town of New Braunfels.

Built in 1878, Gruene Hall (pronounced ‘Green’) is Texas’ oldest continually operating dance hall: it is worth a look and a listen.

Gruene is a former town in Comal County in the U.S. state of Texas. Once a significant cotton-producing community along the Guadalupe River, the economy is now supported primarily by tourism. Gruene is now a district within the city limits of New Braunfels, and much of it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4275 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4277Inside of Gruene Hall we found the Austin-based bluegrass band : Wood & Wire.

Wood & Wire did a nice job of packing the Gruene Hall house for the 5 – 9 PM show.

Tight three-part harmonies, banjo, mandolin, bluegrass guitar and stand-up bass were featured. Wood & Wire treated the crowd to some finely crafted original bluegrass music, as well as the bluegrass standards.

Good musicians, a good show!!

wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4299 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4996 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4361 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4391 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4419 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4457 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4474 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4491 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4530 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4707 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4770 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4817 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4827 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4835 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4843 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4994Wood & Wire at Gruene Hall!!

Try ’em both some time soon.

10 Mar 2014

Inside & Out ~ Whole Foods Market ATX

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Outside of Whole Foods Market ATX.

wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4256 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4258

Austin Texas (even during spring Break and SXSW) is my idea of good clean fun!!

wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4261 wood&wire.03.09.2014-6Y9A4262Inside Whole Foods Market ATX.


10 Mar 2014

Mardi Gras Music Jams

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Two way-popular cajun country music jams: Savoy Music Center (Eunice) & Tom’s Fiddle & Bow (Arnaudville).

Extremely well attended; at one the listening crowd well out-numbered the musicians and made so much noise that the music was hard to hear..

Too close for photography without being a bother.

My best attempts.

Tom’s Fiddle & Bow ~ Arnaudville, Louisiana on Bayou Fuselier

The store-front opens up inside onto a front room, workshop rooms, a long combined kitchen work space all extend back to a screened porch along the ever eroding bank of the bayou.

Slow getting started the monthly jam emphasizes excellent potluck food along with Cajun and Old-Time music circles; most everyone in attendance was a musician.

Lots of folk, by the time we had to leave an additional music circle was on the sidewalk out front.


Joel Breaux


Savoy’s Weekly Cajun Music Jam ~ Eunice, Louisiana

Mardi Gras weekend saw fewer musicians and a larger crowd, lots of hangers-on coming and going; sadly too much chatter to appreciate the moment.


Mr Harry Lafleursavoysjam.03.01.2014-6Y9A2300savoysjam.03.01.2014-6Y9A2383

Mr Coswell Fontenotsavoysjam.03.01.2014-6Y9A2506savoysjam.03.01.2014-6Y9A2533

Mr Freddie Hanks

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3 Mar 2014

Basile Mardi Gras Association 2014

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Basile Mardi Gras Association

Liberty Theater

St Landry Parish

Eunice, Louisiana

Mardi Gras Season ~ 2014


The Saturday evening immediately prior to Mardi Gras in the town of Eunice in St Landry Parish out on the Cajun Prairie of southwestern Louisiana the Jambalaya Cajun Band and the Basile Mardi Gras Association descend on the Liberty Theater for some music, dancing, history and Mardi Gras shenanigans.


Mardi Gras in the small towns of Acadiana is still a traditional family affair deeply rooted in one’s Catholic religion and heritage, the Cajun music, and the history of one’s Cajun community .


The final celebration of friends, community, music & dance and food prior to the start of Lent.



The Cajun communities of Acadiana introduce their children and youth to the history, culture and ways of Mardi Gras at a young age. The Cajun culture: language, food, music &  dance and history are passed down and along by word.basilemardigras.03.01.2014-6Y9A3201basilemardigras.03.01.2014-6Y9A3328basilemardigras.03.01.2014-6Y9A3420Laissez les bons temps rouler!

3 Mar 2014

Crawfishin’ With Michael Brown

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Around the perimeter of 14 acres of low-lying-flooded southwestern Louisiana farmland moves the weekend crawfishermen pushes his floating  harvesting rig.

Seeing the guy with the camera he hollers questioningly: “Reporter?”

The negative reply and he responds knowingly: (unvoiced but implicit: HA!) “Tourist!”

This met with voiced laughter from the guy with the camera.crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2653 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2656 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2658 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2659

Michael Brown of Eunice, Louisiana in St Landry Parish ‘schools’ the ‘guy with the camera’ in a gentle fashion on crawfishin’, crawfish, Lent and Mardi Gras. crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2693 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2733

Lineage and bonafides are established: Brown of original German settler descent.

Thoughts and views are shared on Louisiana public education & parental responsibilities.

Stories are told of Louisiana politics and the politically adept uncle.

crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2745 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2747 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2761 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2764

Crawfish slides under the Catholic Lenten prohibition on eating meat so the Cajuns chow down and a seasonal market exists.

The crawfish harvest season so far has been challenging: unsettled, cold. Like all farming crawfishing turns on the weather.

This season the per pound cost for crawfish is high – over $3.00.crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2782 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2801 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2807 crawfishin.03.01.2014-6Y9A2786

3 Mar 2014