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Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ wet late winter 2016

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KPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8153 KPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8159

Early Morning Tree Top Preening – KiteKPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8224

Seven Mile Slough Marsh At DaybreakKPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8367 KPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8496

Military Trail Culvert – Baby Alligator StewKPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8879 KPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A8983

Seven Mile Slough Marsh Again – Different LightKPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A9030 KPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A9031

Keepin’ An Eye OnKPP.2-29-2016-6Y9A9363

American Bittern

A Solitary Heron Counting On Camo For Protection

KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A9957KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0010 KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0098 KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0178 KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0302 KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0331

MeadowlarkKPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0405 KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A0514 KPP.3-01--2016-6Y9A9906Expanded Image Gallery Link ~ Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

2 Mar 2016