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12/14 2010 Arcadia/Brownville ~ Bradenton ~ Myakka State Park

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Some closure regarding the Arcadia Youth Rodeo photography gig images. Thank you to Ann Marie Driggers for helping to identify the participants. any mistakes are mine. Will wait to see how the weekly Arcadian newspaper handles the submission. There are still loose ends regarding a Youth rodeo content driven article. There is a story to be told there: ‘The Rodeo That Josh, Jimmy and the Judge Built’. Waiting on some of the key players to return to town. there is a possibility for submission and publication through the Home Grown magazine. Again, token remuneration but content and photography publication. Exciting possibilities.

Toured the orange groves of Joshua Creek Groves.  An extended family operation. The informal tour was full of interesting information and sights presented by a third generation grower.  The courtesy of  Yes Sir’ and ‘No Sir’ in every day conversation always leaves me feeling like I have done something wrong, that or that I am the boss. Lots of ice on the lower portions of some citrus trees from the previous night’s efforts to combat the freeze.

The jury is still out on Pumello’s but only because we haven’t eaten it yet.  Maybe lunch today.

After checking out the Truth Tree in Arcadia (reputedly the hanging tree from back in the day when Pine Level and Arcadia were the wild west) we headed toward Bradenton on SR 70.

The fifty miles on the road toward Bradenton and the coast also covered about fifty years in time, the difference between the Florida Heartland communities of Arcadia and the like and the boom & bust areas along the Gulf Coast.  I for one would choose the fifty years past and the Florida Heartland.

We drove North and West on SR 70 from Arcadia, then due south on I 75 to SR 72 and then due East on SR 72 back towards Arcadia. Go figure. should have looked at a map first and thought some but … ‘oh well’, we didn’t and don’t necessarily have to do either. ended up at Myakak State Park for the next couple of nights. Close enough to Arcadia  still to take care of those loose ends if they present themselves. Lots of possibilities and potential in Myakka State Park: wildlife, natural history, photography, GATORS, and air boats. They have a tree canopy walk as well, the only one in the US. More to come…

Way cold last night. There was still some ice on the low growth in the citrus groves from spraying. The park folks are saying 29 degrees for four to six hours tonight which will imperil the strawberry and berry crops.Another night of worry for the growers. Apparently this weather is anticipated in January but not December.

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Posted by bigdawg on December 15, 2010
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