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12/15 2010 AM Canadian, eh …

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The rig next to us (Myakka SP) has all sorts of internet and TV satellite dishes set up and pointing towards the data-filled heavens.  The gentleman traveler was out front with a hand held orienteering compass manually adjusting his reception. As he twisted and tweaked one direction to another he wryly commented that off in the distance his ‘line’ was moving thousands of miles for each fractional increment of twist and tweak. Further into the conversation and the linguistic badge of most Canadians became apparent, ‘Eh…’ . Nova Scotian to be exact. He remarked that the Nova Scotia provincial government decided in its representative wisdom that all it’s citizens should be wired to the internet. They are erecting towers and relays hither and yon to accomplish just that. This egalitarian connectivity makes good sense to me from a number of standpoints so I said so. I also observed that Canadians and their governments could accomplish change and improvement that made sense rather effectively while we struggle with our government and ourselves seemingly over anything and everything. He (We) laughed at this reality’ Seems all things lead back to politics.  A conservative government was in charge at the time and felt they could better retain political control if their power base, the outlying rural voter, was better connected on the internet.  The current liberal government appears to agree is continuing the project. Go figure!

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Posted by bigdawg on December 15, 2010

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