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Bombay Hook NWR – Delaware

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Bombay Hook NWR

Love that expansive tidal salt marsh; the Snow Geese and Canadian Geese in glorious cacophony before they lift off en mass for the day.

The gray overcast weather has followed me to the coast. No sun rise or morning light Thursday when I get up early specifically for the morning light.

Amidst intense fog warnings one could hear the Snow Geese and Canandian Geese lift off and fly over head but they went sight unseen. Weird sensation to hear their overwhelming number just overhead but not be able to see a one.

Bombay Hook is and has been one of my favorites and Wildlife South does it justice.

A few offerings from a couple of grey lightless but not lifeless days.

BombayHookNWR.12.04.2013-6Y9A9073 BombayHookNWR.12.04.2013-6Y9A9088 BombayHookNWR.12.04.2013-6Y9A9114 BombayHookNWR.12.04.2013-6Y9A9131

Striving for that moment when the bill strikes the water while realizing that there are triumphant moments well after that as well.

Capturing bird and bird behavior with an eye to background and composition.


Days and daylight spent hunting and feeding.

I feel blessed to be allowed to capture these moments.

Bombay Hook NWR – Delaware

Posted by bigdawg on December 6, 2013
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  1. 12/6/2013

    Nice pics. Thx

  2. 12/6/2013

    so gracefully captured in flight- thank you!


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