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Pakboat to the Okeefenokee (Cedar Hammock)

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We have been looking for the weather and location to get our folding-rollup canoe (Pakboat 16’er – there is a story here) into the water with us behind the paddles.

The Okeefenokee NWR provided both the weather and location: nicest weather since Thanksgiving.

‘Gators and Sand Hill Cranes greeted us along the 4 mile paddle to the platform at Cedar Hammock.

Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1331 Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1369 Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1562Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1375 Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1546

Sandhills are amazingly big and powerful birds. Most birds have a definite approach limit but are willing to be seen from that distance. The Sandhills in the Okeefenokee seemed to not want to be seen period. We got quite close a couple times unbeknownst to both us and the birds. Hugely powerful at lift-off. Wings moving huge amounts of air, and away. Egrets. Ibis and Herons were all around but out of distance.

Nice day on the water.

The Pakboat folding-rollup  (FB) canoe performed well in it’s initial on the road trip.

We decided after our road trip last winter that we were finding ourselves in lots of places that we needed a boat to see what there was to see. Spent a lot of time reserching folding boats and light weight boats to carry on or in the camper. Looked high and low across North America. Decided that it would be too much hassle to deal with some sort of rack and I am loath to drill holes in the roof of this RV. Pakboats kept bubbling to the surface in my internet searches.  They looked great and seemed to perform well. The fact that they have a traditional canoe appearance sold me as well. Lo and behold there main facility is in what could be considered my back yard but is truly my oldest daughter’s back yard. She lives in the Upper Valley of NH, specifically in the town of Enfield.  Alves Elvestad distributes Pakboat canoes and kayaks out of a steel frame building down a main street back road in Enfield, New Hampshire.

Good man with a good product.

Pakboats take a little time to assemble and/or disassemble. Sixty minutes: less if you do it often and don’t have to think about it. One person can do it but it is easier with two. The assembly time is easily outweighed by the fact that this 16′ canoe can be rolled up (the strong layered PVC skin and shock-corded anodized aluminum rods and thwarts) into two packs and transports within the storage space of a small RV.

Great design, great engineering, great materials,Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1676

Debbie and Pakboat carrying Smart Car.Okefenokee12.20.2013-6Y9A1687

Steve ~ Gray Beard

Stylishly attired in matching Pakboat outfit.



Posted by bigdawg on December 21, 2013
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  1. 12/23/2013

    Nice article guys
    Pac boat looks like it belongs
    Be careful in the big winds and big waters
    Happy Paddling


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