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Detailing, Sarasota National Cemetery and Myakka River State Park Wildlife

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Yesterday (12/16) we toured the upper Myakka River Lake via a large air boat.  We were greeted by dormant alligators, young and old alike, male and female (again it’s the size), and in and out of the water. Subtropical reptilian beasts that they are, they are constantly searching for an environment of 75 -85 degrees so their body temperature will be stable and livable. While in the dormant stage maybe they eat once a month. They do not hibernate but they do dial everything back. Intense and prehistoric looking they are cannibals to boot.  Whenever an alligator breaks a tooth there is another one waiting to grow in and replace it. They swallow their food whole and then have to spend the next day dragged out somewhere in the sun digesting the meal. They build nests in layers and lay eggs.  The nested eggs develop and incubate at different temperatures depending on their placement in the nest.  Eggs exposed to high temperatures become males while eggs exposed to lower temperatures become females. Only one in six alligator hatchlings survive to adulthood.

Lots of bird species, lots of waders.

*     *     *

The ‘Towd’ (Smart Car) saga has another chapter. We drove in to Sarasota Smart Car Center today. It is in the same building as the Jaguar dealership. How does one pronounce Jaguar? Probably depends on whether you have the money to own one or not. The Sarasota Smart Car Center agreed to do the new car detailing that never got done up north due to our schedule and need to get on the road. The Lynnfield Dealer agreed to pick up the cost. So all is done and finalized, this purchase of a Smart Car. So far no lasting complaints.  Have to say all the dealership people were quality folk who did seem to put us first.

*     *     *

On the way back to Myakka River SP we stopped at the Sarasota National Cemetery (a work in progress). In it’s infancy it shows beautiful potential.  As the man said, “Your tax dollar at work.” National Cemeteries do not appear to be a northern New England institution.  There are no National Cemeteries in any of the three northern New England states: Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. Why? My guess is the firmly entrenched New England church yard cemeteries or town cemeteries and the New England local control thing. The south also appears to have a stronger military family history and an uber military culture in general.  No wars have been fought in the northern New England states while a war has been fought in the Southern states. Virginia with fifteen National Cemeteries, Maryland with three National Cemeteries, and Florida with thirteen National Cemeteries.  Maybe all the war/service vets retire south? The National Cemetery in Arlington, the most notable and memorable one, up until this point that I was aware of, is not claimed by any single state. Here services and internments are done every 30 minutes with the flag at half staff 30 minutes before and after. The cemetery was busy this afternoon, a couple of services and a couple of works crews. I look forward to the cemetery erecting their permanent buildings and doing away with the ‘FEMA trailer look’.

*     *     *

Falling behind on the images; soon!

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Posted by bigdawg on December 18, 2010

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