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Upper Valley Vixens v Lumber Jills ~ Set 1

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Upper Valley Vixens v Lumber Jills

March 21, 2015

Plattsburgh, New York


Long drive and ferry ride north and west to Plattsburgh, New York.

Bout skated at an historic USAF base (in its heyday with a 2.5 mile runway Plattsburgh USAFB was the third go to option for shuttle landings) facility that is now owned and operated by the Town of Plattsburgh.VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7430

Some new faces, some missing faces: New season for the VixensVixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7537

Tramp had a big night.VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7602

Ivory Tower front and center.

VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7612 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7691


Ivory Tower gets her bout image due this bout.VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7713 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7714 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7716 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7723 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A7724 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A8189 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A8213 VixensVJills.03.21.2015-_Y9A8215

Long winter, long drive, first bout of the 2015 bouting season : Vixens on the short end of the score tonight.

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