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Call Me Crash or Call Me Sleepy … Or as my oldest daughter would say, “Which dorf are you?”

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Mid-afternoon and bound for the Shark’s Valley of Everglades NP. Warm sunny late December day on the Tamiami Trail. Looking back I am tired to start with and I know it,  Route 41 the Tamiami Trail is not a wide road, no real shoulders and no rumble strips on the side or in the middle of the road.  One does come to depend on such marvels of engineering. The distance between the edge of the road and the guard rail is about the distance of a normal (New England) shoulder. Warm day, the first line of defense against nodding off is the air conditioning on high. I am nodding off a bit. The next line of defense, I am talking to myself and planning to pull over and stop.

WHAM! on my right side. Cars can be seen way ahead of me. Over compensate and I am careening back into the center of the roadway. Not sure what I did with the steering wheel or the brakes but the car managed to do a 360 with some sensation of side to side, being on two wheels and tipping. On the way around I did notice that there were cars well behind me. Righted myself and the car on the far side of my side of the road. Eyes peering at me as cars resumed travel. I did not make eye contact. No one stopped. Not sure what I expected.  Wonder what this looked like to the oncoming and following traffic?

The engine was still running. The tire indicator was on and flashing. Called Debbie and said that I had fallen asleep and she would probably need to drive with me from here on out.  This getting old piece sucks.  Don’t like the lessons to be learned and I have never been one to learn the lessons of life easily. Got back on the road and drove as far as the Ochopee Fire Control Station before the front driver side tire chewed itself up and would go no further. Debbie in the Westy and the AAA tow guy arrive at he same time from different directions.  Debbie missed the turn off.  The Smart Car has a nice guard rail colored gouge going down all the plastic body panels front to rear, that and the front wheel and tire will need some attention.  It was towed away to a Smart Center on the other side of the state, Davie, Florida, within the 100 mile AAA towing allowance.

We are extending our stay at Collier-Seminole SP until mid-week next week.  We will see just how open ended this trip and travelers are. Off to Sanibel tomorrow AM early.  Christmas dinner, who knows where.  Missing my daughters.

Merry Christmas all!

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Posted by bigdawg on December 24, 2010

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