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Savannah Gems

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Fried Green Tomatoes – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

High School Jazz Bands On the Riverwalk!!

Skidaway Island State Park!!!

God Bless the Great State of Georgia, and those damned northern carpetbaggers Union Camps throwing the State a bone, otherwise all of Skidaway Island would be one big  exclusive gated ‘I’ve Got Mine, the Rest of You Stay Away’ community.

As in The Landings

Sundae Cafe On Tybee Island!!!!

Tybee Island was a disappointment – crowded, no-parking intimidation, and a charge every where you turned around.

One HUGE reason to go back, a store-front restaurant in a small collection of every day shops:

Sundae Cafe at Tybee.

We stumbled across the Sundae Cafe while attempting to escape the beach bound crowds while trying to get some good eats before we beat feet off the island.

Sundae Cafe gets the award for the best restaurant meal, the best restaurant food of our entire end-of-November-to-end-of-April road trip.

We had lunch: great salads, filling salads with a local, a southern flair. (Those fried green tomatoes once again!)

SkIO and the UGA Marine Extension!!!!!

Again the Great State of Georgia saved a piece of Skidaway Island from the developer’s D4 Cat blade.

Great facility. An easy bike ride (except when it rains) from Skidaway Island State Park.

A very friendly place, a very kid-friendly place. Families. Put this on your list.

An ongoing down pour after we arrived kept us off the much recommended nature trail. Next time!

Turtles before the storm.

Tomorrow:  Historic Savannah

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Posted by bigdawg on March 31, 2012

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