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UNH Women’s Ultimate ~ 10-23 2011 ~ Sequences

Visual image capture sequences from the 10-24 2011 ‘Ultimate’ gathering at the Durham campus Rec Field of the University of New Hampshire.


Commentary and Critique Always Appreciated

The Full Set of Images Available For Viewing

UNH Women’s Ultimate – Big Dawg Images @ Smumug

25 Oct 2011

UNH Women’s Ultimate ~ 10-23 2011

In an attempt to limit the number of images finding their way into my blog entries (critical self-editing is tough but key) I am putting an arbitrary image number at 24, an even two dozen of  my selections. Even in the midst of picking an arbitrary number I was hard at finding exceptions to the rule: sequences. So no sequences, only single stand alone quality images for the arbitrary 24. A later blog entry from the same shoot may highlight sequences.

Always the exception to the rule.

UNH is able to field two women’s Ultimate teams, pretty impressive numbers. The rec field facilities are pretty impressive as well. Nicely done, on both counts, UNH.

Participating teams, as best could be determined, were the Seacoast (NH 30 something women) Women’s Ultimate Team, collegiate teams from Bates and Bentley, and the two collegiate squads from UNH.

I will need to work on my ‘Ultimate’ long lens technique.  (Stationery) Handlers and Defenders showed up the most in my selections.

The remaining images, all that are worthy, only about 25% of what was shot, can be viewed at www.smugmug.bigdawg/2011EventImageGalleries/UNHWomensUltimate .


24 Oct 2011

Lebanon JV/Reserve Girls v Hanover ~ Final Game of the Season


Lebanon JV/Reserve Girls Soccer v Hanover ~ Final Game of the 2011 Season

Hard Fought, Well Played 1-0 Loss to Next Door Rival Hanover



22 Oct 2011

Skimmer ~ A Brown Booby In Cape May (Scary Thought but We Have the Images)

Skimmer ~ ~ Great people: friendly and knowledgeable. Great salt marsh access.

Yellow web-footed funky-eyed curious-looking brown bird hanging with the Cormorants.

Brown Booby?!? Others were way impressed. What do I know, I am just the photographer.

Images taken from a bobbing photography platform. Not necessarily frame-filling images but solid images of  birds in their salt marsh habitat.

As always thank you for your commentary and critique.

West Cape May on Dwellable
16 Oct 2011

Cape May Continued: West Cape May Elementary School Community & View-Navion Yahoo Group Rally

We had the good fortune to see the lone sign out on the main drag alerting one to a Pig Roast at the West Cape May Elementary School.  We had to do a little scouting and reconnoitering as we had a hard time finding the sign again at the end of the day on the way home. Back 5th/6th Avenue off of Broadway: A gem of a school supported by a thriving diverse community full of home grown pride. Parents, staff and students alike spoke with pride about their school.  Doors leading outside to each classroom allow student, parents and teachers to see one another as a group at the start and leaving of each school day. Four classrooms, mixed grades each: Pre-School/KDG, First/Second, Third/Fourth, Fifth/Sixth. Special education staff wear a large number of hats. Parents are involved. An active PTA.  A mixed diverse community, black, white, latino with the common thread being pride in their kids and their community. A winning formula that shows. The benefit meal was excellent: pulled pork with lots of sides. Excellent company at our table that made us feel welcome. Thank you to the community of  West Cape May Elementary.

Back at the View-Navion Group Rally the Saturday morning meet & greet and stroll was great.  Travelers and their rigs, mods galore: solar, AGM batteries, upgraded converters, cut out wooden sink covers, wooden stove top covers, and scan gauges caught my interest. I am pretty content with our interior layout (24P ~ bunk beds) all though Winnebago has discontinued this layout. Thirty rigs on site by someone’s  count. The pot luck feed tonight was excellent! The tongue in cheek call for nominations for President of the group was roundly ignored and I saw no one step up to pay the request for monetary dues either. All humor aside there was an informational shout out around Harvest Hills, a listing for RVers to stay at farms, ranches, wineries etc with the courtesy of 24 hour notice and a limit on length of stay. Trying to track down a web site but to no avail.


More Victorian B&Bs from before the afternoon rain Friday.

Friday mid-day bird viewing at the beyond the sand dune pools at Cape May State Park.

After spending enough time with these images while processing them I realized the red markings on the Great Egrets bill is in fact blood from a recent impaling-feeding rather than markings. Take a look, see if you agree.

Thank you for your critique and commentary.

15 Oct 2011

A Different New Jersey, Cape May to be exact!

After enjoying a quick visit with my youngest brother and his active family we escaped the suburbs of Philadelphia (my high school stomping grounds), crossing the  Delaware River on the Commodore Barry Bridge from Chester, Pennsylvania into south Jersey. A way-high butterfly -in-the-stomach inducing steel cantilever bridge named after Revolutionary War hero and Philly resident John Barry. My mind’s eye vision of Jersey invokes the congestion of  north Jersey, the airport and burning-smoke-stack-refineries around Newark, the Garden State Parkway up north, gritty Atlantic City and Ocean City on gray and rainy days; not a positive view point.  John McPhee’s literary interpretation of  The Pine Barrens always brings me up short,  forcing me to reconsider what  New Jersey has to offer.  During our ‘courting’  my wife and I canoed the Delaware River  from somewhere up-river of the Delaware Water Gap  down to Lambertville/New Hope. The Water Gap and the Delaware River bring me up short as well as far as Jersey is concerned. Another memory of visiting a family run blueberry farm somewhere in Jersey deep in my teen years. It, New Jersey, does not have to be all about that suburban-industrial corridor between NYC and Philly but one has to struggle to remember and see the New Jersey beyond.  Driving the back County roads and State routes from the Delaware River bridging down to Cape May jolted me as well. Way-enjoyable. Far enough removed that Federal and State prisons abound (you always know you are out aways when you start to encounter correctional institutions).  Farming is ever present in truck farms, orchards, nurseries, and farmer’s markets. Modest homes in small quaint towns. Towns that show some wear but with that wear also show some personality as well as some new growth: Pennsville, Salem, Bridgeton, Leesburg, and Cape May Court House. South Jersey, the bay side down to the tip at Cape May – never been until now. Places I might have turned my nose up to in a previous life I am finding interesting and worthwhile at this date.

Enjoy the images. Tomorrow a tripod goes along.





Cape May Lighthouse, and thank you!


Cape May on Dwellable
13 Oct 2011

Lebanon Girl’s Soccer ~ JV/Reserves ~ 10-05 2011

After playing most of the game in front of the John Stark goal the Lebanon Girl’s JV soccer team won 1-0. The game was not that close. The number of close calls on the part of the John Stark goalie might have made the score 3 – Zip.

Enjoy the images.

7 Oct 2011

Wyatt ~ 10/02 2011

It’s all about the thumb right now for young master Wyatt. Self comforting is possible but it takes a two handed approach technique. He consistently inserts and gums (we are not saying that he sucks his thumb) his left thumb and hand. Those closest to him are convinced this is a sure sign of left-handedness.

Lots of physical activity; arms and legs going all at once but …  when either a sound to be listened to intrudes or the eyes lock focus on a color, shape or face all activity stops, either the auditory or visual stimulus gets center stage.

3 Oct 2011