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Wyatt 08-23 2011 ~ A Moment In Life

25 Aug 2011

Reds, Greens & Yellows ~ Peppers ~ Sweet & Hot

   The Makings of This Season’s Sweet & Sour Pepper Relish

20 Aug 2011

Wide Angle to Fenway



Chose to go to the city (Boston) less encumbered for a number of reasons (ask me about them). Went with Debbie, the 5D and a 16 – 35 mm. Good exercise on a couple levels. One either travels & has the experience or photographs; tough to do both well and enjoy. Still not sure which one I did.

All of us, like lemmings to Fenway …




















(They don’t tear your ticket in half now-a-days: not at $90 a pop they don’t!)




















… like lemmings to Fenway, all to be gobbled up by the ‘Green Monstah’.


Afternoon games bring a different crowd: families and people our age and beyond.

John Lackey threw a few too many home run pitches and the BOSOX bats got shut down and shut out … as the disquieted fans head home. The SOX gotta do better then winning every third game this deep in the season. Who is their quality third starter in a playoff rotation?


Streaming to the CITGO sign and the ‘T’ stop at Kenmore Square.


Boston is one of the great cities!

Boston on Dwellable


18 Aug 2011

Oyster River Woodworking ~ Robert Churchill

Oyster River Woodworking

Robert Churchill

Barrington, NH






















16 Aug 2011

Wyatt & the ‘Grands’ at 22 Days ‘OotW’

Wyatt has a clamoring demanding public out there (nod, nod, wink, wink) , so  I am hustling to get these processed and posted in a more timely manner.

Young master Wyatt spent some of his weekend with the ‘Grands’; the grandmothers and grandfathers.

Twenty-two days ‘out of the womb’ (‘OotW’) and dinner at Margarita’s the night before.

Content with Grandma Debbie.

Look closely, the same facial expression.

The ‘picket fence’ head support hold!

“Oh! I can’t hear anything now!”


Still can’t hear … ahh, better.

Thanks Gram!

Eating, looking about and then sleeping!

Wyatt in the big hands of Grandpa Steve!   Whose got the camera Mr. Man?

Enter Grandma Judy!

Can’t get enough of that baby!

16 Aug 2011

Two Weeks Out of the Womb!

Just a touch more than two weeks out of the womb.

At his, at the family’s, two week check up young master Wyatt weighed in at a pound more than his birth weight.

Congrats to all; this thanks to a very consistent feeding schedule!

Young master Wyatt dresses up well too.

So far he has ventured out to the lake house and the doctor’s office.



























Wyatt seems to have the Churchill hairline?

Ruddy complexion, rich mother’s milk?










Always the hands and arms are bicycling and moving about, unless he is sleeping or swaddled.









Visually very focused and intent. Loves a bright window.









… and a developing personality starting to show through maybe?









12 Aug 2011

Back In the Day (the polaroid day) ~ Baby Meghan

Neither Meghan nor Sarah are that old but it seems that ‘back in the day’ all we had access to was Polaroid prints. At least that is all we can locate in the way of images from Meghan’s infancy.  They are small images to start. So after scanning and processing and uploading here they are.  Is Wyatt in her face somewhere? Will have to get Bob’s baby images up as well. My sense is that the Churchill hairline and Bob’s chubby cheeks predominate at the moment.







Meghan Louise McKinney

Born 10:00 PM

January 23, 1984

8 Pounds 8 Ounces

20 Inches in Length

1 Aug 2011

Winter 2012 Road Trip Plans – Lookin’ For Input

If you have been there give me your thoughts and opinions.  Give me your thoughts and opinions even if you haven’t been there, but have some thoughts and opinions. Point me in the direction of books and/or web sites. I am in the planning stage of this year’s quest. This is half the fun and half the challenge.


Departure ~ the Monday after the Thanksgiving Weekend

Pittsburgh/Cleveland ~ Family

Travel Trending West and South

Guadalupe Mountains NP ~ West Texas

Davis Mountains SP ~ West Texas

Big Bend Ranch SP ~ Texas

Big Bend NP ~ Texas

Texas Hill Country ~ Austin ~ San Antonio ~ Photo Ops

Bentson – Rio Grande SP / Estero Llano Grande SP

Texas Photo Ops

Brazos Bend SP – Texas Gulf Coast

Sam Houston Jones SP ~ Louisiana

Chicot SP ~ Louisiana

Acadiana Mardi Gras ~ Louisiana

Lake Fausse Point SP ~ Louisiana

NOLA ~ St Bernard SP ~ Louisiana

Memphis, Tennessee ~ Beale Street ~ T.O. Fuller SP

Nashville, Tennessee ~ Montgomery Bell SP

Savannah, Georgia ~ “a pint-sized New Orleans” ~ Skidaway Island SP

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cheasapeake Bay Area

Antietam & Gettysburg

Home ~ Mid-May ~ To Plant the Garden and Follow the Red Sox

1 Aug 2011