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Ron Jon Surf Shop – Who Knew

Before we do Ron Jon’s …

A shout-out to John & Linda Johnston new friends from Joe Overstreet Road Landing on Lake Kissimmee

We are enjoying local TV as we speak; thank you very much


Vargas Cafe

Great Cuban coffee & food.

Alberto is an engaging raconteur and restaurateur.

Local cafe well recommended by locals.


A chilly and windy day by Florida standards sent us out for lunch and looking for quirky: this, another local recommendation.

Ron Jon Surf Shop ~ Cocoa Beach

cocoabeach-01.24.2014-6Y9A6065 cocoabeach-01.24.2014-6Y9A6066

Making Waves ~ The Ron Jon Story

It was 1959 and on the New Jersey shore a bright young man names Ron DiMenna was just discovering the sport of surfing with fiberglass surfboards. The pastime soon became a passion and homemade surfboards would no longer do.When his father heard that Ron wanted his own custom surfboard from California, he suggested, “Buy three, sell two at a profit, then yours will be free.” Dad was right and Ron Jon Surf Shop was born.

“The Original” Ron Jon Surf Shop opened in Long Beach Island, New Jersey in 1961. Ron sold surfboards out of a tiny Jersey shore shop and supplied former customers with boards to open their own shops on the East Coast. He headed to Florida two years later and opened the “One of a Kind” Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, and sold even more.

cocoabeach-01.24.2014-6Y9A6072 cocoabeach-01.24.2014-6Y9A6074

Today, Ron Jon Surf Shop has grown into a world famous surfing mecca with locations in New Jersey, Florida, South Carolina and on-line. Visited by surf and beach lovers from around the globe, Ron Jon Surf Shop is recognized world-wide as an icon of the surf and beach lifestyle.

Text from 08/11 Promotional Pamphlet

Ron Jon Surf Shop : The LL Beans of the surf  scene, the Kittery Trading Post of the East Coast beaches.

Who Knew?

cocoabeach-01.24.2014-6Y9A6079 cocoabeach-01.24.2014-6Y9A6080

Cocoa Beach, Florida

24 Jan 2014

Predatory Stare

Winged Predators

Not Bothered At All

Kissimmee Swamp, Lake Kissimmee

Joe Overstreet Road, Kenansville, Florida

Captured from the deck of an airboat piloted by LW.

kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5821 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5774

Kissimme Swamp ~ Expanded Gallery

24 Jan 2014


Flight Images

Kissimmee Swamp, Lake Kissimmee

Joe Overstreet Road, Kenansville, Florida

Captured from the deck of an airboat piloted by LW.

kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5990 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4954 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5124 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5126 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5152 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5489

Beautiful Area

Kissimmee Swamp ~ Expanded Gallery

24 Jan 2014

Crazy As a Coot

Coots ~ ‘Walking On the Water’

Kissimmee Swamp, Lake Kissimmee

Joe Overstreet Road, Kenansville, Florida

Captured from the deck of an airboat piloted by LW.

kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4417 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4813 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4824 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4853 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A5587

Kissimmee Swamp ~ Expanded Gallery

24 Jan 2014

Snail Kite ~ Kissimmee Swamp

Snail Kite

Kissimmee Swamp, Lake Kissimmee

Joe Overstreet Road, Kenansville, Florida

Captured from the deck of an airboat piloted by LW.

kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4520 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4516 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4517 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4518 kissimmeeairboat-01.21.2014-6Y9A4519

Kissimmee Swamp ~ Expanded Gallery

24 Jan 2014

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve SP

(FB Link)

Accessible Wild Florida

Put this one on your list.

Bundle up and take the prairie buggy ride with the ranger from West Virginia. Do bundle up. Wear wind gear.


kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A1085 kissimmeeprairie-01.17.2014-6Y9A1579 kissimmeeprairie-01.17.2014-6Y9A1543 kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A0571 kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A1279

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Gallery

19 Jan 2014

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve SP ~ Florida


Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Gallery

18 Jan 2014

Crested Caracara ~ Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Hard freeze predicted for tonight and the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Must be too many folks from northern New Hampshire in the same place at the same time.

A shout out to the ladies from Jackson!!

Crested Caracara ~ A first for me during the past couple months of heavy birding.

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve SP : a great place in the middle of nowhere yet accessible.

Florida, the way it was.

kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A0145 kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A0265 kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A9781 kissimmeeprairie-01.16.2014-6Y9A9861

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Gallery

16 Jan 2014

Ding Darling NWR ~ Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island (Periwinkle Park Campground) proved to be an interesting place to hang out while checking out the birding and photo ops in Ding Darling NWR.

An abundance of folk on the island this time of year, predominantly retired folks.

Lots of cars and traffic as well. A beautiful one-way toll causeway  from Ft Myers onto Sanibel-Captiva. More traffic than made sense to me.

One nice elementary school. Secondary level kids are bussed off island into Fort Myers.

Pedestrians and bicyclist everywhere; must be the excellent system of bike paths that traverse the island, paralleling the major roads for miles. From one end of the island to the other.

Which came first the senior cyclists or the fantastic system of bike paths?

And then you have Ding Darling NWR.

dingdarling-01.14PM.2014-6Y9A9371 sanibelnwr.01.14AM 2014- sanibelnwr.01.14AM 2014--2 sanibelnwr.01.14AM 2014-9356 dingdarling-01.14PM.2014-6Y9A9403 dingdarling-01.14PM.2014-6Y9A9410 dingdarling-01.14PM.2014-6Y9A9545 dingdarling-01.14PM.2014-6Y9A9575 dingdarling-01.14PM.2014-6Y9A9616

15 Jan 2014

Pakboat ~ Digital Assembly

We decided after our road trip last winter that we were finding ourselves in lots of places that we needed a boat to see what there was to see. Spent a lot of time researching folding boats and light weight boats to carry on or in the camper. Looked high and low across the North American continent, even into Europe. Decided that it would be too much hassle to deal with some sort of rack and I am loath to drill holes in the roof of this RV. Pakboats kept bubbling to the surface in my internet searches.  They looked great and seemed to perform well. The fact that they have a traditional canoe appearance sold me. Guess I am a traditionalist. Lo and behold their main facility is in what could be considered my back yard but is truly my oldest daughter’s back yard. She lives in the Upper Valley of NH, in the town of Enfield.  Alves Elvestad distributes Pakboat canoes and kayaks out of a steel frame building down a main street back road in Enfield, New Hampshire.

Good man with a good product.

Pakboats take a little time to assemble and/or disassemble. Sixty minutes: less if you do it often and don’t have to think about it. One person can do it but it is easier with two. The assembly time is easily outweighed by the fact that this 16′ canoe can be rolled up (the strong layered PVC skin and shock-corded anodized aluminum rods and thwarts) into two packs and transports within the storage space of a small RV. After one or two trips on top of the Smart car/tow car we were even able to stow all of it, skin roll and rods and thwarts in the back of the tow car and assemble at the put-in.

pakboat~everglades-01.05.2014-6Y9A4819 pakboat~everglades-01.05.2014-6Y9A4823 pakboat~everglades-01.05.2014-6Y9A4831 pakboat~everglades-01.05.2014-6Y9A4832 pakboat~everglades-01.05.2014-6Y9A4834 pakboat~everglades-01.05.2014-6Y9A4845

Great design, great engineering, great materials :

A latter day skin-boat!!

13 Jan 2014

The Everglades ~ Mrazek Pond


Great Blue Heron

everglades-01.08.2014-6Y9A6986 everglades-01.08.2014-6Y9A6984

Everglades Gallery

10 Jan 2014

Everglades (2) ~ 2014



everglades-01.07.2014-6Y9A6550 everglades-01.07.2014-6Y9A6551

Muscular Knuckle-Dragging Flight

everglades-01.07.2014-6Y9A6704 everglades-01.07.2014-6Y9A6725

Everglades Gallery

9 Jan 2014

Everglades – 2014


everglades-01.06.2014-6Y9A5084 everglades-01.06.2014-6Y9A5528 everglades-01.06.2014-6Y9A5618everglades-01.06.2014-6Y9A5751

Everglades Gallery

9 Jan 2014

Wakodahatchee Rookery

No Fore Play Here …

Wakodahatchee Rookery Gallery

wakodahatchee-01.02.2014-6Y9A4671 wakodahatchee-01.02.2014-6Y9A4712 wakodahatchee-01.02.2014-6Y9A4719

… Seemingly a Little Pillow Talk Though

Wakodahatchee Rookery Gallery

3 Jan 2014