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Ile Grand Manan ~ August, 2017

Ile Grand Manan ~ August, 2017

Ile Grand Manan ~ August, 2017

Link ~ Expanded Image Gallery ~ Ile Grand Manan,  August, 2017

Link ~ Expanded Image Gallery ~ Ile Grand Manan. June, 2017

Link ~ Expanded Image Gallery ~ Ile Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada, 2015


30 Aug 2017

Ile Grand Manan ~ 6-2017

Ile Grand Manan ~ June, 2017

In the photographic company of one Noel Chenier,

A photographic workshop/tour done well!!

Thank You Noel Chenier

Ile Grand Manan ~ NB ~ Canada ~ 2015 Photo-Blog Entry Link

Ile Grand Manan ~ 6-2017 ~ June 2017 Gallery Link

Whale Cove ~ Ile Grand Manan Morning Light From Swallowtail Light ~ Ile Grand Manan Perspectives On Swallowtail Light ~ Ile Grand Manan Mid-Day Moving Waters ~ Deep Cove ~ Ile Grand Manan North Harbor Wharf Reflection ~ Ile Grand Manan Evening Moving Waters ~ Dark Harbor ~ Ile Grand Manan Macro Starburst ~ Deep Cove ~ Ile Grand Manan

Ile Grand Manan ~ June, 2017

In the photographic company of one Noel Chenier,

A photographic workshop/tour done well!!

Thank You Noel Chenier

Ile Grand Manan ~ NB ~ Canada ~ 2015 Photo-Blog Entry Link

Ile Grand Manan ~ 6-2017 ~ June 2017 Gallery Link

3 Jul 2017

Churches of Edisto Island, South Carolina

Churches of Edisto Island

Edisto Island, South Carolina

While on the road the Winter of 2017 we spent some time in March on Edisto Island; enough time to find and photograph some unique people, places and structures.

One morning’s trek back up SC 174 to photograph a couple of eye-catching church buildings grew to several days, several places and several kind South Carolinians who extended themselves to me.

A tip of the hat and a thank you to :

Librarian Marilyn Bowman of the Charleston County Public Library on Edisto, Island,

the Rector Weyman Camp of the Trinity Episcopal Church,

and Craig Williams congregant of the Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island

These folks proved to be exceptionally gracious, welcoming and informative, local Edistonians at their finest, proud South Carolinians all.

Trinity Episcopal ChurchFounded in 1774, the present church (the third church building), consecrated in 1881, stands on the sight of the old sanctuary.

The church was occupied by Federal troops during the Civil War, destroyed by fire in 1876 and damaged by the hurricane of 1893.

The sanctuary was rebuilt and features beautiful interior work done by a former slave.

The old bead-board and blown glass windows have been lovingly preserved.The Trinity Episcopal (now Anglican) Church graciously provides a building’s worth of space for the Charleston County Public Library on Edisto Island.

The Library has wonderful staff and a wonderful presence.

New Englanders (Yankees) are wont to judge towns by their Town Library.

Edisto gets high library marks and high book store marks.

Down the road a-piece stands the two buildings of New First Missionary Baptist Church.

The new sanctuary and community building  and beyond it the historic sanctuary of the New First Missionary Baptist Church.

This Church was founded and built in 1818 by the wife of an Edisto plantation owner, Hephzibah Jenkins Townsend.

Many slaves worshipped here, and after the Civil War it was turned over to the African-American congregation.

Descendants of 19th century members continue to worship today in the New First Baptist Missionary Church next door.

The historical sanctuary now houses the congregation of The Episcopal Church On Edisto.A theological dispute that became a political and legal dispute at the Diocese level resulted in a segment of the Trinity Episcopal Church (now Anglican) congregation and leadership leaving and becoming the The Episcopal Church On Edisto.

“Our brother in Christ, the Rev. Albert C. (Chick) Morrison, has offered our
continuing worship community the use of the historic sanctuary of the New First
Missionary Baptist Church for our worship services on an ongoing basis.  We are
very blessed by the generosity of this very kind Christian man and his

The Episcopal Church On Edisto

The Zion Reformed Episcopal Church, “the Episcopal Church of Color”.The Zion Reformed Episcopal Church was founded after the Civil War by African-American members of the Trinity Episcopal Church who were unwilling to be restricted to sitting in the upstairs galleries of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Presbyterians settled Edisto Island and their Church buildings and Church property attest to that fact.

A Presbyterian congregation was meeting on Edisto Island possibly as early as 1689.

The original building was erected in 1710, which later burned and was replaced in 1807.

The present church was constructed under the supervision of E.M. Curtis, a Charleston builder and completed 1836.

The beautiful Classic Greek Revival architecture reflects the prosperity of the Edisto planters and served both the white and black islanders until the beginning of the Civil War in 1861.

It has a large graveyard with many fine gravestones dating from 1792.

A large balcony with exterior entrances was built for  slaves.

The church interior has been beautifully restored, today, to include its original high pulpit .

Researcher Agnes L. Baldwin wrote that the earliest settlers on Edisto Island were Welsh and Scottish immigrants, and that Rev. Archibald Stobo “had begun preaching on Edisto in 1722 and that (the church) had been established by at least 1710.”

She continues, interestingly, “at first the Presbyterian worshippers shared their building with the Baptists, and relied on circuit riders for their pastors, but by 1722, they alone were using the church.”

Historically, Anglican and Presbyterian churches made earnest efforts, Baldwin writes, but could not compete with Baptists and Methodists in attracting Black churchgoers. The Allen AME Church, The Old First Baptist Church and many other smaller churches on Edisto, today, are historic and teaming with churchgoers every Sunday. Many drive long distances to attend.

… There is a Presbyterian Church that is black, now, down the road. The Rev. McKinley Washington, pastor of Edisto Presbyterian Church, is in his 70’s. He served for 27 years as a legislator, first in the House, then the Senate. In 1964, he organized a branch of the NAACP and led a successful voter registration drive. Today, the beautiful bridge that leads to Edisto Island is named for him, and he gathers, still, a loyal congregation.

(The Reverend McKinley Washington retired May of 2012.)

Interviewed in 2007, Washington said that his church started shortly after the Civil War in the same way many black churches began. “Blacks worshiping in the balcony of the white church, The Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island, just up S.C. Highway 174, were asked to leave — during a service, the story goes. They finished their worship that day in the shade of an old oak tree.”

Their first church structure was assembled with material from Palmetto trees. Eventually, a tiny church building was uprooted from Edingsville Beach, floated up the river to Murray’s Landing, then set in place at Cypress Bottom Road and Highway 174, Washington said. In 1968, the current brick structure with its huge Presbyterian cross was erected. It’s name is Edisto Island Presbyterian Church.

The Manse of the Presbyterian Church On Edisto

The two-and-a-half story manse is thought to have been built for the Church’s minister around 1790.

The land for the manse was donated to the Church by Henry Bowers in 1717.

Though updated with modern conveniences, modifications to the Presbyterian Manse have been few over time, and the house remains virtually the same in appearance as when it was built.

It is the oldest structure on the island associated with a church.

Botany Bay Road beyond the Allen AME Church The Allen AME Church across the salt marsh down the Botany Bay Road.

Home of the community-wide food bank.

I am hoping I have been fair and just to all in my written comments.

Expanded Image Gallery ~ Churches of Edisto Island

26 Mar 2017

The Manse ~ Edisto Island, South Carolina

Presbyterian Manse of Edisto

Edisto Island, South Carolina

A Special Thanks To Mr. Craig Williams


The Presbyterian Church On Edisto Island

The stately home facing Store Creek on Edisto Island, SC has served as the manse for the Presbyterian Church On Edisto Island since the late 18th century.

The Church houses one of the oldest Presbyterian congregations in the nation dating to the late 17th century;

it was founded shortly after Royal Governor Joseph Morton settled on the island in 1680.

The two-and-a-half story manse is thought to have been built for the Church’s minister around 1790.

The land for the manse was donated to the Church by Henry Bowers in 1717.

While many might see this elegant home as more imposing than one would expect for a church manse, it is actually quite austere.

Its only ornamentation is the four-pane transom over the entrance; all other features are purely functional.

The house stands on a raised basement, not only affording spectacular views of the creek but also allowing the home to be cooled by breezes coming off the water.

The interior consists of four rooms on each floor, which are divided symmetrically by a central hallway.

The balance of windows also contributed to the movement of salty air through the house, serving as a natural air conditioner.

Though updated with modern conveniences, modifications to the Presbyterian Manse have been few over time, and the house remains virtually the same in appearance as when it was built.

It is the oldest structure on the island associated with a church.

The Presbyterian Manse is listed in The National Register.

Text Courtesy of SC Picture Project

23 Mar 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, SC

On Tour With Joyce Weir

Charleston History Tours ~ Picture Perfect Walks

A Great Mix of Charleston History and Image Subject, Composition Prompts and Advice


Circular Church CongregationalWashington Square

After a History of Fires All Homes Had To Be Constructed of Brick – Note Clapboarding Over Brick

Note the Absence of HVAC and Telephone Wires, Cables and PolesSt Michael’s Episcopal Church

Wedding Cake HouseOutdoor Privy From Back In the DayPreserved Row HomesIron Work and Intricately Pointed Brick WorkDecorative Hurricane Bolts Preserved Row Homes Formal Garden

Brick Alley – Note Stucco Over Brick Towards Rainbow RowCalhoun’s BankCobbles & Thigh Roof Tiles ~ Oldest Structure In Charleston ~ 1712Dock Street Theater & St. Phillips Church ~ 1809 & 1835

Slight Tilt Due To EarthquakeWell Done Joyce Weir – Charleston History Tours ~ Picture Perfect Walks

Well Done Charleston, South Carolina


The southern cities of New Orleans (Louisianan), Savannah (Georgia) and Charleston (South Carolina) all have similarities and individuality.

NOLA is and was an outpost of the French and Spanish empires in North America, more a Carribean place than an American place. Slavery and cotton. The city and it’s peoples keep getting up off the hurricane and flooding mat and partying on. Safe but still the bottom rung on the seedy scale (which is not a bad thing in my book). Wonderful streets and architecture in and around the city. Jackson Square abounds with art and energy: lots of street people and street energy, a melange of people moving at all hours. Culture and peoples are palpable in NOLA. Well done: live music, accessible music, jazz music.

Savannah dodged a bullet back in the day thanks to Sherman’s desire, after burning much of the of the South, to gift the preserved city to President Lincoln. Slavery and the black freedman are present. Love the city squares lay out, the omnipresent live oaks and color, SCAD and the presence of youth, the city’s accessibility and pride. Oglethorpe was the man. Again with a distinctive architecture and a preservationist presence, photographic opportunities abound. These folks party too just not as often nor as hard as the denizens of NOLA. Savannah owns the middle ground on the seediness scale. River Street needs way fewer tacky tourist sales traps; but oh the pralines at both ends of the walk.

Charleston, a walled city back in the day, fewer squares and fewer live oaks, early on preserved itself for the future. History is palpable in Charleston: fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, a busy seaport and the cultivation of rice, cotton, and indigo. slavery, slave insurrections and wars. You want haughty property values, than Charleston, SC is your place. Oozing with preserved history, so much so that some of the old homes still have entry way boot scrapers. All cynicism aside Charleston is the epitome of the historical southern city. Charleston was slow to recover from the devastation of the Civil War. Its pace of recovery became the foundation of the City’s greatest asset – its vast inventory of historically significant architecture.  Other grand southern cities may, but Charleston does not appear on the seedy scale.

NOLA, Savannah and Charleston. All grand southern cities, all distinct and unique individual peoples and places.

20 Mar 2017

Savannah ~ River Street Faces

River Street Denizens

Iron Mike Nice Work

Brett Barnard ~ Hitman

Hey Joe, Where You Goin’ With That Gun In Your Hand?

Robert Saunders

Up & Comin’ ~ Maybe Here & Now

John Cranford~ Cranford Hollow

Thank You One and All

19 Mar 2017

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Found just north of the city of Savannah GA on both sides of the Savannah River, the refuge occupies land in both Georgia and South Carolina. This 29,000 acre refuge was established in 1927. Bottomland hardwoods and tidal freshwater marsh make up much of the refuge. The 3000 acre impoundment located in South Carolina is managed for migratory wading birds and waterfowl. This section of the refuge is the most accessible.

These impoundments were part of an old rice plantation dating from the mid-1700’s, the dikes of which form the foundation of a 4.8 mile loop called the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive. The impoundments now serve to protect nature and wildlife.

Located along the Atlantic Flyway, the refuge is known to support a rich diversity of birds including thousands of waterfowl in the winter months and wading birds in the humid summer months. In the spring and fall, transient songbirds stop here to rest on their migration to and from their northern breeding grounds.


Pied-Billed Grebe

Pied-billed Grebe: This medium-sized, stocky grebe has brown upper-parts, paler brown under-parts with barred sides and flanks and distinct white under tail coverts. It has a black chin, a white bill with a central black ring and dark eyes.Feeds on aquatic insects, vegetation, small fish and crustaceans. Direct flight with rapid wing beats. Sexes are similar.

14 Mar 2017

Savannah ~ Bradley’s Lock & Key

Bradley’s Lock & Key

24 E. State Street (in the Historic District)

Gray cold and wet day in Savannah looking for photo ops.

Recommended by a new Savannah photography friend Frank Barevich,

Bradley’s Lock & Key more than fit the photo op bill. James cutting keys.

Doing the work of the day.

Interesting place: Takes one back in many ways.

Stand around and watch

Mr Bradley cutting James his paycheck.

Greeting us as we entered Mr Bradley, Mr. William Houdini Bradley or ‘Dini’ to friends and customers, still has a presence in the multi-generational family business.

Harry Houdini was Mr. Bradley’s namesake, hence the nickname of ‘Dini’.

Bradley’s Key Shop ~ Where Anything Can Be Fixed But A Broken Heart

Bradley’s Lock & Key ~ Savannah Off the Beaten Path

Mr Bradley’s parting comment to us as we left was ‘Bradleys can make any key other than whiskey.’

Thank You James & Thank You Mr. Bradley.

14 Mar 2017

Savannah ~ CJ at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Savannah Candy Kitchen

Gray and Cool Day On the River Street Water Front Brought Us In To Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Three Days In On the New Job and CJ Looks and Acts Comfortable and Competent

On Display At Savannah Candy Kitchen On River Street In Savannah, GeorgiaThis Young Man Spoke With Pride of His New Employment and the Future

Thank You CJ & Good Luck To You

Thank You Savannah Candy Kitchen

14 Mar 2017

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida ~ III

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Florida State Parks

More an Ecological Preserve Than a State Park and All the Better For It

Predators …

Predation and …


Friends of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida  (March 2017) – Blog Post Link

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida ~ II   (March 2017) – Blog Post Link

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Expanded Image Gallery Link

9 Mar 2017

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida ~ II

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Florida State Parks

More an Ecological Preserve Than a State Park and All the Better For It

Way Windy Day For the Meadowlarks

Bothered By the Wind Big Time Not At All Bothered By the Wind

On the Hunt

Seven Mile Slough Success

Made Quick Work of This Catch While the Other Predatory Birds Stood Around On the Periphery

One Well Fed Anhinga Picking Up Sticks and Pitching Them In the Air and Then Trying To Catch Them ~ Odd One of My Favorite Places In the State of Florida

I Am Fearing That the Word Is Out

Hopefully the Increased Interest, Recognition and Visitation Can Be Managed For the Betterment of the Preserve

Friends of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida

(March 20117) – Blog Post Link

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Expanded Image Gallery Link

7 Mar 2017

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Florida State Parks

More an Ecological Preserve Than a State Park and All the Better For It

Prairie Buggy Ride

Season November Through the First of April ~ For the Big Picture, Not To Be Missed

Preserve Entrance Road


ShrikeSeven Mile Slough

Snake-Like Anhinga

Great Blue Feeding Frenzy


Wood StorkFriends of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve ~ State of Florida ~ II

Blog Post Link

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Expanded Image Gallery Link

5 Mar 2017

St Marks NWR ~ The Coastal Big Bend of Northern Florida

St Marks NWR

Not a lot of time here, we were not staying close but this is one worthy of more time and a return.

Florida State Bird

Why When There Are So Many Others of Distinction and When So Many Other States Claim the Mockingbird Friends of St Marks NWR

5 Mar 2017

Chance Bushman & The Ibervillianaires ~ The Maison ~ NOLA

Chance Bushman & The Ibervillianaires ~ The Maison ~ NOLA ~ Mardi Gras 2017

These Genetlemen ~ Chance Bushman & The Ibervillianaires ~ Had Command of the House at The Maison

Chance Bushman Successfully Channels Cab Calloway Self Professed Groupie 😉 When The Ibervillianaires Left The Maison the Crowd Left Too

Woo Hoo Dude !!!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooowww !!!

Expanded Image Gallery Link

28 Feb 2017

Abita Brewery ~ Abita Springs, Louisiana ~ 2017

Abita Brewery

Last visited 2012.

Huge changes for and investments in the craft brew industry in the past five years.

Those changes are on display at both breweries that we visited this trip (2017):

Shiner (TX) and Abita (LA)

Still single breweries in small towns but both have made huge investments in updating and upgrading their brewery equipment and facility.

Abita allowed for the more comfortable and photographically accessible tour of the two.

Both were equally proud of their brewery, their people and their product.

The free-wheeling step-right-up & serve-yourself tasting room of five years ago at Abita is no more.

Now that Abita has made a name and a presence for themselves on the craft brew scene,

controlled intake, controlled access and at a cost is the name of the tasting room game.

Still very nice.

Still an enjoyable afternoon.

An extremely energy efficient operation, nothing is lost. Same tanks, just the room/floor below.

Abita Brewery 2012 – Blog Post Link

Abita FB

27 Feb 2017

Maurice’s Open Air Black Tie & Tales Woodwind & Brass Instrument Sale ~ NOLA


Black Tie & Tales For the Performing Musicians Among Us

Refurbished Woodwind &  Brass Instruments of All Make, Stripe & Style

… Party Too

Decataur Street, NOLA

Maurice @

Leisuretime Music


26 Feb 2017

A Working Man’s Hands ~ The Cigar Factory, NOLA


The Cigar Factory


Mardi Gras 2017

To Be Appreciated

A Working Man’s Hands

Two Hundred In the 8 Hour DayIn The ZonePhillippe At His Bench

In The Humidor To Age Plan To Spend Some Time With Your Smoke of Choice Aficionados All

Expanded Image Gallery ~ The Cigar Factory, NOLA 2017

Check This Out

Hand Rolled By Leonardo ~ 2014

24 Feb 2017

Luneta At The Maison NOLA



The Maison


Luneta ~ Expanded Image Gallery Link

23 Feb 2017

One Eye Open ~ New World Deli

One Eye Open

Rachael Hutton
Lenny Nichols
Shawn Spiars
Max Zimmet

One Eye Open at The NeWorldDeli

One Eye Open Image Gallery Link

23 Feb 2017

Lockhart, Texas & (75 % of) The Texas BBQ Trail

Lockhart, Texas

 The County Seat of Caldwell County, Texas

The Official BBQ Capitol Of the State of Texas

On May 26, 1999 House Resolution #1024 was adopted by the 76th Texas Legislature naming Lockhart the ‘Barbecue Capital of Texas’,

then by the Senate in the Fall of 2003.

Kreuz Market
“Kreuz Market moved from its original location started in 1900 by Charles Kreuz as a meat market and grocery store to its newer, expanded facility a quarter of a mile north of the old location in 1999. Along with the new building came some new items on the Kreuz menu, most notably: pork spare ribs, beans, German potato salad, sauerkraut, and a new jalapeno cheese sausage, but don’t look for any barbecue sauce or forks as they are still missing in action from Kreuz Market to this day!”

Lockhart (TX) Chamber of Commerce Website

This guy was way accommodating, allowing me to shoot whatever wherever just be safe.The rest of the bunch was less then enthused about photography.

We ordered their moistest brisket and a couple links of the jalapeno cheddar sausage. Priced by the pound.

Bread or crackers? White Bread, Wonderbread, ‘Who Knew’?

We are new at this.

Meats wrapped up all together in a brown butcher paper pocket.


Brisket was moist but not, not marbled either.

Sausage was good and spicy, tough skin, dense, moist and tasty contents.

Sides were pricey (as they were everywhere we went, so no fault here). German potato salad in a cup styrofoam container was good, seasoned with dill plus.

All of this went down in a big hall, no forks nor sauce, in a newish facility on the outskirts of town.

A Thumbs Up : We liked our brisket and sausage at Kreuze Market

Lockhart was the site of a victory of the Texans over the Comanche, at the Battle of Plum Creek in 1840.

Lockhart was originally called “Plum Creek” but the name was later changed to Lockhart.

Reportedly named after some surveyor’s assistant the first Anglo to set foot in Caldwell County.

The Beautiful and Architecturally-Intriquing Caldwell County Court House On the Square in Lockhart, Texas The architectural historian and critic Colin Rowe dubbed Lockhart “a “curiously eloquent” example of a Victorian post-frontier American town.”

Like so many frontier towns the town’s economic growth began with the arrival of the railroad in the late 19th century, at which time the town became a regional shipping center for local cotton.

Following the arrival of the railroad, various immigrant groups arrived in Lockhart and set up shop.

Different Side, Different Light

Out and About In Lockhart, Texas
We walked around Lockhart on our way to Black’s BBQ in order to walk off the first bunch of meats and work up a similar appetite for the second bunch. Black’s BBQ
Black’s Barbecue, located in Lockhart, Texas is Texas’ oldest major barbecue restaurant continuously owned by the same family.Find out why the Travel Channel featured Black’s on their Barbecue Paradise show and what’s kept generations of Texans coming back for more.”

Lockhart (TX) Chamber of Commerce Website

On a Side Street Down From the County Court House Square: Black’s Barbeque.

Black’s Format Was Different. A cafeteria line where you served yourself up portion size priced sides on styrofoam plates and then ordered up your meats.

Again with the pricey sides but at least you determine the portion size.

That and a wider variety of sides.

Big Dill Pickles

Once again priced by the pound, laid out on brown butcher paper covered cafeteria trays.

This guy liked the camera and was willing to make eye contact and perform.His buddy wanted in as well.

Who am I not to oblige.

Forks and sauce were allowed at Black’s BBQ.

Ordered up a cut of lean brisket and a cut of fatty brisket.

Huge difference in taste, texture, marbling and density: the fatty cut won out.

This was the moistest cut of brisket of the day.

The lean cut of brisket was very dense with an absence of marbling and a decrease in taste.

On with the sauce which had a local A-1 type taste to it: Good.

The jalapeno cheddar sausage was tasty and moist but a finer grind of meat and a looser pack within the casing.

Good food paired with a Shiner Bock for Curtis Finney.

We enjoyed our meats and our meal at Black’s BBQ

On to Smitty’s Meat Market

Smitty’s Market
Smitty’s Market has been named one of the top five barbecue restaurants in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine. Nina Schmidt Sells established Smitty’s Market in 1999 in the building that housed her father’s Kreuz Market for more than 50 years. The market sits in the same location where barbecue has been sold in Lockhart since the turn of the last century.”

Lockhart (TX) Chamber of Commerce Website

It took some cajoling but in the end this crew cozied up for some good images.

Can you pick out the pit-master?

These folks were pretty proud of where they worked and the work they did.

Shows doesn’t it?

The signage gave three options: fat, medium and lean.

We ordered up a medium piece of brisket.

The young lady doing the counter service cautioned us that she could not cut apart a brisket to get at a medium piece but she would see.

We had a couple pieces of brisket and some pork ribs.

All of it was moist and tasty.

Sauce was allowed but no forks.

We ate no sides at Smitty’s as we were pretty full.

Again with the brown butcher paper.

Common seating in a well lit cafeteria style dining area at long tables.

The pork ribs were a hit, with or without the sauce.

The ‘medium’ brisket was good and moist and tasty.

Once again we enjoyed the Texas BBQ meats at Smitty’s Market.

Smoking firewood stacked out back of Smitty’s The entrance to Smitty’s Market, out back but probably the more common entrance. Smitty’s Market’s perspective on the Texas town of Lockhart

Somewhere near Rosanky, Texas going home

Brisket on the hoof.

A Timeline of Lockhart Barbecue

16 Feb 2017