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Milton Vanicor & Zachery Fuselier

The Energy of Youth Rubs Up Against the Mastery of Experience   …   Everyone Benefits

This was a powerful in the moment experience.

Milton Vanicor & Zachery Fuselier

Saturday Morning Cajun Music Jam

Savoy’s Music Center

Eunice, Louisiana

savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1397 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1573 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1672 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1677 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1679 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1681 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1871 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A1984 savoyjam.02.22.2014-6Y9A2042

A Powerful Exchange

A Fair Give-and-Take

Vanicor & Fuselier (& Leblanc) Expanded Gallery

24 Feb 2014

Savoy Music Center ~ Saturday AM Jam

Savoy Music Center ~ Saturday Morning Jam

Saturdays at 9 AM for the paset 46 years.

Our third year through Eunice, Lousiana and the Acadiana region.

2012 Road Trip Post

2011 Road Trip Post

Marc Savoy’s  and Family (Ann, Joel ( of the Red Stick Ramblers ), & Wilson Savoy ( of the Pine Leaf Boys )) Savoy Music Center five miles or so east of the Acadiana town of Eunice, Louisiana has hosted a Cajun Music Jam every Saturday morning for the past 46 years.

This particular Saturday morning’s cast of characters was characterized by the give-and-take of youth and  experience :

Youthful Exuberance and Energy Rubs Up Against the Constancy of Experience and Mastery ~ Everyone Benefits

Prominently on display:

This jam session is not intended as a showcase for talent or the lack thereof.

It is intended to be led by the older generation of master musicians offering beginners an opportunity to listen, learn and play in the background.

It has been like this for 46 years and will continue as such.

As such, living Cajun music history is present in the moment.


Miss Esther Lejeune



Mr Harry Lafleur


Mr Freddie Hanks


Mr Robert Leblanc












Mr Milton Vanicor




“Listen, Lean and Play”





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24 Feb 2014

Cajun Campground Jam

Francis Foster’s Cajun Campground

5222 E HWY 190

Eunice, Louisiana

Six miles outside of the town  of Eunice in the Parish of St Landry in southwest Louisiana


Evans Wedlock’s Friday Night Cajun Jam

Edmund Thibodeaux

cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0606 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0454 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0462

Brant Young

cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0888 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0689 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0821

Evans Wedlock

cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0929 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0938 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0970

Coz Fontenot

cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0675 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0909 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0806 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A0844 cajunjam.02.21.2014-6Y9A1069

Acadiana Musicians All

My apologies to the many other musicians on stage. Very little light, what light there was was in pools or puddles in only one or two spots.

Expanded Image Gallery Here


Acadiana Jams Gallery

22 Feb 2014

Bayou Teche Brewing

Woo Hoo

Craft beer in Arnaudville

Craft beer in St Landry Parish

Craft Beer in Louisiana

Woo Hoo

Good beer at that!! Coming soon to the frozen Northeast and New Hampshire.

Bayou Teche Biere


Humble beginnings of a hobbyist turned brewmaster.

stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0279 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0280 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0291

A recent move across the way to a new and larger facility and a serious investment in some serious brewing equipment.

stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0296 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0297 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0299 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0302 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0303 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0315 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0319 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0324 stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0336

All local names: get out the Louisiana gazetteer and look ’em up.


stlandryparish.02.20.2014-6Y9A0350Knott brothers, Karlos and Byron, share their beers with their visitors in the tasting room.

These folks enjoy their work and are rightly proud of their craftwork: Louisiana Craft Biere .

Try the Oxymoron: Way Good and Distinctively Different.

Bayou Teche Brewing

Another Strong Reason To Return To Acadiana : A Beer Drinker’s Paradise

20 Feb 2014

le Grand Dame de le Boucherie


le Boucherie Image Gallery

jambalayacajunband.02.15.2014-6Y9A9833 jambalayacajunband.02.15.2014-6Y9A9781

Terry Huvall of the Jambalaya Cajun Band Serenades


le Boucherie Image Gallery

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16 Feb 2014

le Boucherie

Lake Fausse Pointe State Park well on the edge of the Atchafalaya Basin, the far reaches of Ibieria & St Martin Parishes in Acadiana, the Cajun country of Louisiana: we serendipitously stumble upon le Boucherie.

Rendering the Lard & Cooking Up the Cracklin's

Rendering the Lard & Cooking Up the Cracklin’s

The French or Cajun word ‘boucherie’ apparently can mean many things: butcher or bucher shop in the literal French, any number of restaurants in NOLA and through out Acadiana, and a traditional communal butchering of the pig in rural French Louisiana, Acadiana or Cajun country.

Rendering the Lard & Cooking Up the Cracklins

Rendering the Lard & Cooking Up the Cracklins

“Le boucherie is a tradition that has been maintained by the French-speaking Cajuns of the state. Lack of refrigeration meant fresh meat had to be eaten quickly before it spoiled. Neighbors shared in the labors of the boucherie: the boiling of water, the killing and cleaning of the hog, preparation of le grese (lard) and les gratons (cracklings). At the end of the boucherie, those who participated took home shares of boudin (spicy sausage made from pork and rice), and various cuts of the slaughtered animal. Once fall and winter events, boucheries now make up a colorful and delicious part of many Louisiana festivals held throughout the year.”

Bounty of the Pork

Bounty of the Pork

“When southern Louisiana was still new, the tradition of a Boucherie must have been as ritual to the first Cajun peoples as Mardi Gras and Jazz fest are … now.

Communities would gather at the beginning of the more difficult times of year to help one another complete their seasonal stores born out of the feast made possible by the whole of the people gathered. Each family that took part in a Boucherie would take home a portion of the hogs slaughtered during the celebration, and every community that held one did so in turn; ensuring that the rotation of the pigs that made up the celebration could last through the winter.

Today, as in the past, Boucheires are both preformed as traditional intimate family affairs, as well as being the basis for huge festivals and celebrations throughout southern Louisiana.”

leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9552 leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9553 leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9554

“Cajun cuisine has two distinct heritages–Creole, with its influences of classical and regional European cuisine, and the homey, country-style Cajun cuisine of Acadiana (French Louisiana), with its one pot meals, made with fresh, local ingredients and pungent with the flavor of seafood and game.

As diverse as those who settled there, Cajun cuisine is a creative adaptation of a variety of European dishes using ingredients indigenous to Louisiana. The well-known Cajun dish Gumbo, has its origin in the French Bouillabaisse, a soup found in the Marseilles region. Jambalaya, the famous Cajun rice dish is descended from Spanish paella is made using the abundant seafood in the region. The Germans brought with them charcuterie and andouille, smoked sausage, boudin, chaudin, tasso and chaurice and their fine sausage making talents. The Italians, famous for their culinary talents, were heavy influencers of the Creole style and settlers from Haiti and the West Indies brought with them exotic vegetables and cooking methods.”

leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9524 leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9531 leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9535 leboucherie.02.15.2014-6Y9A9538

The history specific to the Lake Fausse Point le Boucherie involves a number of Cajun men proud of their heritage. Decades back now a rural veterinarian was ‘paid’ for his services by a Cajun family with the ‘commodity exchange’ of a live hog. The veterinarian and a few adventurous friends decided to butcher the hog in the traditional fashion of ‘le boucherie’. Though new to the old ways of ‘le boucherie’ they found their way: Many years and many peoples later one hog has become six and a half dozen friends has become hundreds.

The Lake Fausse Pointe le Boucherie is a touch updated but still a communal gathering of peoples to prepare the pork, eat together from the bounty, visit, sing and dance. This year’s chilly winter took a break and  sunny blue skies and warm temps graced the day. A more friendly and welcoming group of people could not be found.

le Boucherie Image Gallery





(verbal history shared by Lewis)

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16 Feb 2014

Hand Rolled by Leonardo

Cigar Factory, New Orleans

Cuban Seed – Long Leaf

Fresh Hand Rolled Cigars

The fresh and earthy aroma of tobacco caught my nose from down the street. A non-descript sign up high among the many and garish  announced:

The Cigar Factory

The front end of the deep shop was lit up by the light streaming in the open double-wide doors. Chairs and tables were arranged for sitting and socializing. At the hour we happened by only one other person was seated.

The center portion of the shop contained old well worn wooden work stations. Seated behind the work stations on both sides of the shop was a mixed group of folks working and handling the tobacco, all at different stages of becoming cigars. The group working today was of mixed gender and age, youngish to middle aged and up, all outfitted in working class attire. Young well-scrubbed and well-presented men hung around near and behind those handling the tobacco, giving the appearance of being in charge. There seemed to be a not-to-be-crossed line between the ‘rollers’ and the ‘handlers’. The groups went about their tasks and did not speak. It was not until we attempted to talk to the cigar rollers that one of the youngsters stepped in to intercede, offering that none of the rollers spoke English. It would have been nice to allow us to try. I tipped Leonardo, my main focus. He seemed to understand the language of cash well enough.

The back portion of the shop was the sales area, still having the feeling of an old wooden shop but different from the rest: lights were brighter, a glass fronted humidor room for aging of the finished cigars showed off and the ubiquitous cash register was front and center.




nola.02.07.2014-6Y9A8254 nola.02.07.2014-6Y9A8348

nola.02.07.2014-6Y9A8289 nola.02.07.2014-6Y9A8349nola.02.07.2014-6Y9A8235

An interesting sensory-engaging experience.

All the rolling and wrapping, inspecting and labeling stages of  fine aged tobacco becoming a fine freshly rolled aged cigar were happening around us. Tobaccos were combined, mixed and shaped then placed in a specific-sized two-sided wooden mold. The molds were stacked, pressed and aged. Tobacco leaf was selected, sorted and smoothed for wrappers. The cigar core was wrapped in fine select tobacco leaf. Angled on the bias, rolled, coddled, encouraged, cut and set with special attention being given to the tip through which one inhaled. The cigars found their way back into molds after being rolled in the tobacco leaf wrapper. Again: more aging. The final stop: a visual and tactile inspection, application of the cigar factory label cigar ring and placement in brass-clasped-and-hinged embossed wooden boxes.

Hand Rolled by Leonardo


8 Feb 2014

Slidell’s Counter Culture

Acoustic Music Jam

Tuesday’s 5:30 – 7:00 PM (Winter Hours)

Counter Culture Frozen Yogurt Shop

154 East Hall Avenue

Slidell, Louisiana

Kevin, Ivan, Jake and Roy

counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7634 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7333 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7654 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7706 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7714 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7716 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7719 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7722 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7723 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7762 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7795 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7919 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7935 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7939 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A7471 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A8044 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A8071 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A8072 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A8082 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A8089 counterculture.02.04.2014-6Y9A8091A winter’s night out in Slidell!!

Tough lighting.

Try the ‘natural’ frozen yogurt: cold and tangy, interesting combination of taste and sensation.

5 Feb 2014

Jackson Square Community

A busy Saturday afternoon in and around Jackson Square, NOLA.

Lots of people-watching, lots of photo ops.

Lots of folks enjoying their work.

jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6971 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6982 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6983 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A6987The St Louis Cathedral fronted by fortune tellers.jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7006Working Artists & Street Entertainersjacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7010 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7024 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7038Working Artists of Jackson Squarejacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7047 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7049The St Louis Cathedral among the people.jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7068 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7096 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7119Larisa Ivakina Clevengerjacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7147Magician On a Motorcycle

Niko Mahoe who is making street performance work as both a lifestyle and a living.

The key: approach it as a job.jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7162 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7170 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7171Muffuletta ~ New Orlean’s Sicilian Sandwhich.

What a delicious combination – a loaf of round sesame seed bread,cold cuts, cheese, and olive relish: served warm with the cheese melted.

Could not consume the whole thing.

😉jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7175Shaft as Ian Anderson ??jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7238 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7246 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7247 jacksonsquarenola.02.01.2014-6Y9A7269

NOLA has been referred to ‘as the most northern Caribbean city’.


Jackson Square, NOLA ~ A Community of Many Peoples

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The Arabi District

St Bernard Parish Potpourri

2 Feb 2014

The Arabi District

St Bernard Parish, Louisiana

In the local vernacular:

‘da Parish’

Immediately south and east of NOLA by way of Route 46.

Much to St Bernard: a place of varied people, culture and places,  Arabi is just the start, the beginning.

In the Arabi district the color and flavor of New Orleans’ French Quarter easily flows into St Bernard.

daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6932daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6861 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6863 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6864

A walk down the well policed Angela Street produced lots of interactions with the local residents and lots of exposure to local homes, local ‘color’ & local architecture.daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6882 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6888 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6897

Note the terra cotta roof ridge tiles and decorative ridge caps.

No one could tell me what the decorative pieces were called: one guy said that in his youth he and his pals called them ‘duck tails’. daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6900 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6903 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6904 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6909

Deep skinny lots that went back forever; laid out back in the day of frontage taxes. Some homes had a second story out back, known as a ‘camelback’.daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6913 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6914

A few shots on Friscoville Street.daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6923 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6924 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6931daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6932

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1 Feb 2014