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River Road ~ FM 170 ~ Big Bend, Texas

The River Road

TX FM 170 From Lajitas to east of Presidio

Running along the Rio Grande adjacent to Big Bend Ranch State Park (TX)

Closed Canyon ~ Slot Canyon Running Down To the River

Wind In One’s Hair

Height of Land Looking West and South Across the Rio Grande In To Mexico

Where Would You Build a Wall?

Road Side Cobbles and Hoo DoosEnd of Day – Heading East

End of Day – Heading East In a Well Watered Healthy Looking Chihuahuan Desert

25 Jan 2017

Chihuahuan Desert

Indian Lodge State Park, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Davis Mountains State Park, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute

22 Jan 2017

West Texas Mix

West Texas ~ Presidio, Jeff Davis & Brewster Counties

Alpine, Fort Davis, Marfa, Marathon, & Terlingua

Expanded Image Gallery ~ West Texas Lines

22 Jan 2017

Apache Station Sunset

Apache Station Sunset

Cochise County, Arizona

WOW ~ Wings Over Willcox, 2017

18 Jan 2017

Wings Over Willcox ~ 2017

Wings Over Willcox

Willcox Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

The Sulphur Springs Valley of Cochise County Arizona

Willcox, Arizona

Far and away the stand out WOW 2017 tour for us this year was the Tedd Haas led Agronomics of the Sulphur Springs Valley.

Tedd Haas of Tedd & Kay Haas Farms, Graham, Arizona is a well educated renaissance man who also happens to be an Arizona corn and pinto bean farmer.

A proud American Farmer;

One enthusiastic American period.

Pistachios : Young Trees and Established Pistachio Tree Orchard

North Bowie Farms

Thank You Mr. Luis NavaBoxed Bumble Bees & Hydroponically Grown Tomatoes ~ Nature Sweet

Thank You Mr. Joel Gonzales

Maid Rite Feeds In Willcox, Arizona

Owned By Cheryl Moss and Billy ThompsonDialing In the ‘Maid Rite’ MixMaid Rite Feeds Grain Elevator and Storage

Thank You Johnny Jr and Christina

Bonita Bean Company Storage & Elevation : On The Kansas Settlement Road

Storage and trucking were important themes throughout for Tedd Haas

Bonita Bean Company : Arizona’s Pride : Top Quality Grade A Pinto Bean ProductBonita Bean Company Truck Scale

Thank You Bill EllisRiverview LLP / Coronado Dairy : State of the Art Circular Milking Parlor

72,000 Head Calf & Dairy Operation

Thank You Jeff Knoblock

Curry Seed and Chili Company

Pearce, Arizona

Home of Green Chili Seeds & Chili Products: Developers of the Market Cornering AZ #20 and AZ #1904 Green Chili Seeds

Thank You  Austin Curry & Family

Golden Rule Vineyards

Time Constraints Did Not Allow For This Visitation

Thank You Mr. Jim Graham

Expanded Image Gallery : Tedd Haas Tour ~ WOW 2017

Thanks to this experience I will manifest a daily appreciation for the American Farmer and the American Trucker.

Thank You Tedd Haas

15 Jan 2017

Chiricahua National Monument ~ Echo Canyon

Chiricahua National Monument

Cochise County, Arizona

Echo Canyon Trail

All Smiles Frazzled But Upright No Smile

12 Jan 2017

Chiricahua National Monument ~ Cochise County, Arizona

Chiricahua National Monument

Cochise County, Arizona

Messai Point

12 Jan 2017

Uptown Tribal ~ Bisbee, Arizona

Uptown Tribal

Bisbee, Arizona

Moments with Kate Drew-Wilkinson at her design bench.

Pausing At a Live Window Display We Are Beckoned In Off the Street By One Colorful Woman, One Accomplished ArtisanOnly To Return the Next Day With Time and Camera In Hand The Work Space Proved As Interesting As the Work ItselfColorful, Colorful, Colorful Kate Drew-Wilkinson : As Interesting, As Colorful and As Multi-Faceted As Her Work Space

Thank You Kate D-W

11 Jan 2017

Bisbee Bicycle Brothel

Bisbee Bicycle Brothel

Lots here: bicycles: classic, vintage and otherwise, a workshop,  bike tools, memorabilia, books, pictures.

As much a museum as anything else.

The real find here was the proprietor/owner/collector/curator: a Mr. Ken Wallace.

Lots here with respect to Ken Wallace as well.

Ken proved to be an expansive and loquacious transplanted southern gent.

Ken spoke knowledgeably of town and city management, from first-hand experience, at length in Charlotte, North Carolina and later in Phoenix, Arizona.

We spoke some of the bicycles, tools and history all around us.What really sparked conversation was a common interest and passion for Americana music.

What was to be a photo shoot in a quirky but classy bicycle shop soon became a listening and sharing session of Americana singer-songwriters.

Ken Wallace was most comfortable in his’ listening room’ space turning this old David Bromberg fan on to the wonders and joys of singer-songwriter extraordinaire Tom Russell.

I thank you Ken Wallace. Ken Wallace : A man and his music.

Expanded Image Gallery

8 Jan 2017

Erie Street, Lowell District ~ Bisbee, Arizona

Erie Street, Lowell District

Bisbee, Arizona

Thriving Ghost Town or  Americana Preserved  or another  Moneyed Playground ??

Lowell was at one time a sizable mining town located just to the southeast of Old Bisbee. The majority of the original townsite was consumed by the excavation of the Lavender Pit mine during the 1950s. All that is left today is a small portion of Erie Street, along with Evergreen Cemetery, Saginaw subdivision and Lowell Middle School. These days Lowell is considered by most of the local residents to be more of a place name than an actual community.
Home of The Bisbee Breakfast Club

Home of The Bisbee Americana Music Fest

One end, maybe a couple ends of Lowell is owned by one Jay Allen of The Broken Spoke Saloon of Sturgis and Laconia Bike Week Fame Expanded Image Gallery

8 Jan 2017

The Mexican-American Border : Arizona

The Mexican-American Border

Arizona Route 80 E beyond Bisbee, Arizona towards Douglass turn right at Paul’s Spur and right again at the  limestone processing facility.

A ‘T’ in the road at a Buffett music family ranch facility brings you to the ‘Border Road’.

A twelve foot high fence and patrol road paid for with US tax dollars.

Inclines and roadway too much for the Smart Car.

Nothing on the Mexican side: open ungrazed desert.

Looking In To Mexico & Back To the ‘T’ In the Road

Looking Into Mexico ~ Border Road Running West To Naco

8 Jan 2017

Upper Valley Vixens ~ 10/2016

Upper Valley Vixens

Twin State Derby

Final Bout 2016

A Little Smug Streak In This Jammer & Rightly So …

Apex Jump & Landing

Jammer Jammed & Off the Ground


On the Toe Stop

Eyes On the Prize

Slip Slidin’ Away

Did I Hear Someone Say Rookie !?!Squeeeeze …Boom


A Representative 1% of the Best Images Captured ~ My Apologies For the Time Taken

Expanded Image Gallery

5 Jan 2017

Tucson Auto Museum

Tucson Auto Museum

Wayne’s Toys

990 South Cherry Avenue

Tucson, Arizona

A retired steel-guy from Pittsburgh, PA now Tucson, AZ and a college-kid mechanic hanging out mid-day Saturdays in a warehouse full antique and classic cars.

They seem to have a vision and the desire and resources to bring it to fruition.

An eclectic collection of automobiles spanning the years and the manufacturers.

Well maintained road-worthy machines; from antique to vintage to classic including the oddities as well.

An extremely accessible collection with a gregarious, proud and open collector-owner.

Many ways to ‘see’ automobiles. Red was the color of the day. The warehouse building is unique in and of itself lending a certain authenticity to the collection and it’s ‘presentation’.

A mechanic’s bay with a lift and enough space to work on numerous vehicles presents itself on your way in.

The auto memorabilia is tastefully done and the background music matches the era and speaks to the automobile experience.

Many vehicles but a couple seemed to draw me in and dominate my vision. Nicely Done Wayne. Thank You.

Expanded Image Gallery Link

2 Jan 2017

Mission San Xavier

Mission San Xavier del Bac

South of Tucson on I-19 at Exit 92 San Xavier Road.

Mission San Xavier del Bac : ‘The White Dove of the Desert’ ~ Ansel Adams

A Short History

As a national historical landmark and the only remaining intact mission in Arizona, Mission San Xavier del Bac is considered the finest example of Mexican Baroque architecture in the United States.

The Mission remains a working parish for the Tohono O’odham people,many of whom live nearby.

First founded in 1692, the Mission is part of a series of missions established by Jesuit missionary Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, who traveled throughout the northern part of Mexico and the Southwestern parts of the United States, bringing Catholicism to the indigenous peoples of the area.

Earlier, simple churches were constructed near the site, but the current structure was begun in 1783 by a Franciscan, Father Velderrain, using 7,000 pesos borrowed from Antonio Herreros, a rancher from Sonora. Designed by Ignacio Gaona, a Spanish architect, the villagers from Bac helped from start to finish. They gathered sand lime, clay, rock and wood; built kilns and excavated trenches. Thirty-three inch foundations were built and brick was laid up for both the inside and outside faces of the wall; rock rubble and a lime-sand grout was poured between. Artists from central New Spain (now Mexico) worked to complete the interior.

Work on the Mission continued for 14 years before the money ran out, causing the artists and master artisans to be discharged. The east tower was left with bare brick and no dome or lantern while, in the choir loft and baptistry, paintings were left unfinished. But Bac’s parishioners were still at work – dismantling their old Jesuit church from the 1750s and rebuilding it as the mud adobe wing to the east of the East Tower. This structure enclosed the north side of the plaza in front of the church, providing for better defense against raids and attacks.

The flags of four nations have hung over the Mission: It fell under the jurisdiction of Spain until Mexico won independence in 1821. The Gadsden Purchase brought San Xavier into the United States in 1854. Today, following the creation of the Tohon O’odham reservations, the flag of the Tohono O’odham Nation now flies over the Mission.

The Parish and its School

San Xavier remains a working church. The Franciscan pastor and the parochial vicar provide spiritual leadership to the parish. Services occur throughout the week.

Next to the Mission and dating back to 1873 is the mission school. Run by the Franciscan Sisters of Charity, the school operates grades K-8 and continues a tradition of educating students from the surrounding area.

(Text quoted from a four page pamphlet produced by the Patronato San Xavier – italics for added emphasis, are mine)

Expanded Image Gallery Link

2 Jan 2017