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Erie Street, Lowell District ~ Bisbee, Arizona

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Erie Street, Lowell District

Bisbee, Arizona

Thriving Ghost Town or  Americana Preserved  or another  Moneyed Playground ??

Lowell was at one time a sizable mining town located just to the southeast of Old Bisbee. The majority of the original townsite was consumed by the excavation of the Lavender Pit mine during the 1950s. All that is left today is a small portion of Erie Street, along with Evergreen Cemetery, Saginaw subdivision and Lowell Middle School. These days Lowell is considered by most of the local residents to be more of a place name than an actual community.
Home of The Bisbee Breakfast Club

Home of The Bisbee Americana Music Fest

One end, maybe a couple ends of Lowell is owned by one Jay Allen of The Broken Spoke Saloon of Sturgis and Laconia Bike Week Fame Expanded Image Gallery

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Posted by bigdawg on January 8, 2017
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  1. 01/8/2017

    Steve thanks for blazing a trail for us. Barbara and I are heading out to Death Valley Thursday and will be spending a couple of months in Tucson, you are showing us a really nice bunch of cool places to visit while we are down there. You may or may not remember us we met at a wedding in Cleveland a few years ago. Your brother Roger is married to my wife’s cousin Betsy. Keep the shots coming. Happy travels Craig


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