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Vermont Institue of Natural Science : Raptors

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29 Sep 2014

Session Americana ~ OLS Portland, Maine

Session Americana

Tight compositions of one tight and energetic band.


It is all about that central mic and table.

Great energy, dynamic and interplay among the band members : sincere and spontaneous stagecraft.

sessionamericana9.13.2014-_Y9A7763 sessionamericana9.13.2014-_Y9A7767 sessionamericana9.13.2014-_Y9A7773 sessionamericana9.13.2014-_Y9A7778 sessionamericana9.13.2014-_Y9A7814There are two other members of this band that these images did not do justice to: another multi-instrumentalist and vocalist on the bass and the percussionist-vocalist (‘what’s his name?? all right All Right ALL RIGHT”)

Put these guys (and gal) on your ‘I’d travel two hours to hear’ list.


15 Sep 2014