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North Country Spring : Enfield, New Hampshire

29 Apr 2012

Barrington, New Hampshire : Wyatt

Wyatt checks out the Barrington (New Hampshire) Town Playground.

Wyatt’s Mom Meghan enjoys a laugh!

Slide Action!

25 Apr 2012

Vermont Jerseys

Electric fencing of today looks more like plastic bailing twine than ‘electric fence’.

Guess its been awhile since I have been on a working farm.

These ladies were chuckling at me I am sure.

23 Apr 2012

Vermont : Round Barn Farm Ollie

Meet Ollie of Round Barn Farm on Route 7 in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

Ollie, a Bactrian Camel, inhabits the farms barn and fields with a flock of Merino Sheep.

The sheep produce high quality wool while Ollie produces a high quality down, both are spun into yarn.

Bactrian Camels seek out and enjoy human interaction.

Ollie was bred in the northern midwest of the US, Wisconsin. Bactrian Camels originate in the steppe country of Eurasia and Mongolia. There are more domesticated Bactrian Camels than wild Bactrian Camels. For a while there was some concern that they were extinct in the wild.

Bactrian Camels identify humans by their breath odor, how one’s breath smells.

Debbie introduces herself to Ollie.

23 Apr 2012

Niagra Falls

The American Falls portion of Niagra Falls carrying ten percent of the flow.

The Canadian Falls carrying ninety percent of the flow of the Niagra River over the Niagra Escarpment.

22 Apr 2012

Clarence & Orchard Park Face Off – Western NY District 6 High School Lacrosse

Clarence Red Devils versus Orchard Park Quakers in a grudge match face-off of Western NY High School District 6 lacrosse foes.

Jack Lally in face-offs got a lot of the camera’s attention.

A gallery with a wider range of player images to follow.

A tip of the hat to the ref who was willing  to go along with my positioning request.

Featuring his better side!

22 Apr 2012

Charleston Day Trip

Shem Creek

City Market

Fried Peanuts & Sweet Grass

7 Apr 2012

Fathers of Daughters, Fathers and Daughters

Fathers of Daughters, Fathers and Daughters

A Special Bond Early

Special Bonds Now

Dad – Send Me Your E-Mail Address

7 Apr 2012

The Center For Birds of Prey ~ Awendaw, South Carolina

The Center For Birds of Prey

People that love what they are doing and it shows! Paid staff and volunteers.

Good stuff! We would go back.

Set your camera to a shallow depth of field and get as close to the fencing as possible.

(Without pissin’ people off or disturbing the birds.)

The entry fee was more than fair for the time spent on the grounds, the time spent with us, and the experience with the birds.

5 Apr 2012

Barn Jam ~ Awendaw Green

Awenda, SC – Awendaw Green:

A blink-and-you-have passed-it-by place along coastal US Route 17  sandwiched between the burgeoning Charleston-Mt Pleasant Rt 17 mess and the quiet of the development-limiting Cape Romain NWR and the Francis Marion Nat’l Forest.

Not really noticeable on the highway map but apparently way noticeable on the live music map: AwendawGreen.Com. Regular Wednesday evening Barn Jams, four sets of varied live music on a small stage in someone’s backyard running from 6 to 10 PM. Coolers and a way friendly backyard cook out ambiance, food available for a reasonable price. Five bucks gets you in, seating provided or bring your own. Does not appear to be  a well kept secret any longer. Lots of folk in attendance and way more then just friends of the artists and organizers.

This particular Wednesday evening a rather threatening and intense fast moving storm chased my cameras and I, and the artists and organizers after the second act of the evening.

First Up: Andrew McKnight originally of  Twin Mountain, New Hampshire, currently of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

The second and final act of my Wednesday evening was an up and coming very animated band:  Myer .

5 Apr 2012

Charleston Blue Grass Festival ~ Awendaw Green ~ Awendaw, South Carolina

Charleston Bluegrass Festival

Awendaw Green

Awendaw, South Carolina

Who Knew?

Great place, good people. Not to be missed!

4 Apr 2012

Wide Angle Savannah

3 Apr 2012

Savannah NWR

Savannah NWR

The Georgia and South Carolina sides of the Savannah River just up river from the ever-present-just-on-the-horizon working Savannah harbor.

One must go into South Carolina, US Route 17, then SC 170 to the Visitors Center as well as the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive.

Worth the trip: lovely wet lands as well as Spanish Moss draped Live Oak hammocks. Good bicycling loop (not road bikes), good photo ops.

We happened across this big boy auditioning for a Lubriderm commercial by the side of the road.

2 Apr 2012