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Vermont : Round Barn Farm Ollie

Meet Ollie of Round Barn Farm on Route 7 in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

Ollie, a Bactrian Camel, inhabits the farms barn and fields with a flock of Merino Sheep.

The sheep produce high quality wool while Ollie produces a high quality down, both are spun into yarn.

Bactrian Camels seek out and enjoy human interaction.

Ollie was bred in the northern midwest of the US, Wisconsin. Bactrian Camels originate in the steppe country of Eurasia and Mongolia. There are more domesticated Bactrian Camels than wild Bactrian Camels. For a while there was some concern that they were extinct in the wild.

Bactrian Camels identify humans by their breath odor, how one’s breath smells.

Debbie introduces herself to Ollie.

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Posted by bigdawg on April 23, 2012
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  1. 04/23/2012
    Steve in VT

    Nice crisp camel shots — all in focus!

    • 04/23/2012
      Steve McKinney

      1/400 or faster!


  2. 04/10/2014
    Kathy Mallon

    I live on Little chicago Rd in Ferrisburgh and worry because I haven’t seen Ollie for a couple of weeks now. Is he OK??

  3. 01/15/2016

    I drive from northern Lake George to Burlington all the time. I so look forward to seeing Ollie out and about. Do you welcome visitors stopping to meet him?


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