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The Boat House Session ~ Fiddle Circle

Bars and cafes may come and go in Terlingua but it seems like fiddle circles and open mic nights stay the course.

Mark Lewis’ ably organized and directed fiddle circle currently resides Tuesday nights 6 to 8 PM (maybe 9 PM if folks have some staying power) at the Boat House Bar in the Ghost Town section of Terlingua, Texas.

When not in Nome tending the rooming house, George ably tends the bar at the Boast House. George: Thank you for making me feel welcome.


Lots of fiddlers this year, some new faces and some that we remembered from the last time through.

It was nice to have our efforts remembered and welcomed.

12/27 2011 Post : Old Time Music Community ~ Ghost Town Cafe & Saloon ~ Terlingua, Texas

01/03 2012 Post : Viva Terlingua ~ Terlingua, Texas

Give and take, question and answer, show and tell, teachin’ and learnin’ going on: even an up out of one’s seat ‘Eureka’ moment.

And again the thread of photographers as musicians, musicians as photographers. It is good to stretch oneself.












Some things don’t change they just move across the street.

Do all drinking establishments in Terlingua house one or more motorcycles among their patrons?

Good energy, fellowship and community here.

Expanded Gallery : The Boat House Session

30 Jan 2013

The Terlingua American Legion ~ The Last Outpost

The Terlingua American Legion

The Desert

Terlingua, Texas

Legendary Legion Jam Night

(Thank You Pat O’Bryan)

No cover charge, instead aggressively raising funds for the local food bank.

Another excellent community potluck feed: some way good traditional tamales.


‘Gray Beards: Wild and wooly or neatly trimmed, you decide.’

Seems like everyone is either a musician or a photographer in Terlingua, some even professed to be both.

The musicians that took to the stage were good, thank you very much; from the first-timers, the folks from away (Dallas), the crowd favorites to the tight acoustic duo.













The Last Outpost ~ Viva Terlingua!!

28 Jan 2013

Acorn Woodpecker ~ Cochise Stronghold

The Acorn Woodpeckers of Cochise Stronghold in southeast Arizona, Cochise County.

Interesting bird, interesting behavior.





… and the ringer and a runner: Scaled Quail.


26 Jan 2013

Bosque del Apache NWR ~ New Mexico

Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes

The Wild Things

Bosque del Apache NWR

In the central Rio Grande River Valley of New Mexico

Man and government work awfully hard to replicate the natural river system that man and government have limited and controlled.

Still and all, a beautiful place full of wild things.







Snow Geese ~ Sundown Light








Sandhill Cranes ~ Coming and Going


Western Screech

Would not show his yellow eyes for anything, just squinted at best.

Too bright, the rising sun, for sensitive night-time eyes.


Friends of the Bosque


26 Jan 2013

Wings Over Willcox ~ Whitewater Draw

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area


 Arizona Game and Fish


Professional Photography Guide Services Courtesy of the Wings Over Willcox Festival volunteer efforts of George Andrejko and Tom Whetton.

These gentleman were truly professionals in their photographic skills and in their people skills. They knew when to make the instructive  and constructive comment that was specific to the setting at hand as well as being appropriate to the group in general. Their presentations and style were different yet complementary, obviously there is a history here of having collaborated with one another.

I would participate on any of their photo tours without hesitation.

Wings Over Willcox is an extremely well organized and well run nature and birding festival in this, its 20th year.

















Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area


Arizona Game and Fish

 Tom Whetton has me convinced that all wildlife photographers and/or birders should be buying hunting licenses and duck stamps to support the wildlife areas that they appreciate and frequent. Otherwise we are freeloading on others. Those license fees go directly to Arizona Game and Fish.

Expanded Image Gallery

Cochise County, Arizona has been a way interesting area to spend some time. I would return.

Now on to Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico and then the great yet quirky state of Texas.

22 Jan 2013

Crossed J Ranch ~ The Heritage of Brannick and Mary Elizabeth Riggs

Brannick and Mary Elizabeth Riggs

“Brannick Riggs was born July 10, 1828 near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As a young man he moved to Texas where he was a teamster for the United states Army, worked on a large plantation and farmed. In 1856 Brannick met and married Mary Elizabeth Robbins. Mary Elizabeth, the daughter of a teacher, was born near Nashville, Tennessee. When the Civil War broke out, Brannick left his family in Texas and joined the Confederate Army serving under Sibley. He was wounded in the shoulder and taken to a Confederate hospital for treatment where he was captured when the Union Army seized the hospital. He was soon released and returned to Texas.

In April 1870 Brannick and his family headed for California. In July they stopped in Trinidad, Colorado where the operated a sawmill to provide timbers for mines and rail roads. Seven years later they were on the move again driving a herd of milk cows to California. Arriving in Arizona in 1879, they set up camp at a spring in Big emigrant Canyon about five miles east of Fort Bowie and sold milk and butter to the soldiers at the fort. The spring dried up and the family was forced to look for another location. Passing through Apache Pass and finding permanent water in the Sulphur Springs Valley, they established ‘Home Ranch’ along Pinery Creek and began raising cattle and supplying beef as well as milk and butter for the fort.

The area proved to be an ideal place to raise cattle. Brannick and his sons improved their herd, acquired more land and water rights and found other markets. Soon the children began establishing ranches and by homesteading and purchasing other land, Rigg’s family ranches eventually stretched along the Chiricahua and Dos Cabezas Mountains from near Turkey Creek almost into Willcox and north into San Simon Valley.

Brannick and Mary Riggs had eleven children: Thomas, Rhoda, William, Martha, Brannick B., James, Mary, John, Lucy, B.K., and Edith. Brannick and Mary felt education was of utmost importance but there were no schools in the area. Brannick built a one-room school near his home and employed teachers from the east to teach his and other area children.

Brannick Riggs dies July 3, 1907 and Mary Elizabeth died in 1935. Many descendants of Brannick and Mary Riggs still live and ranch in the Sulphur Springs Valley.”

(the above text quoted directly from material provided by Jim Riggs – WOW ’13)


Sulphur Springs Valley below the Chricahua National Monument.


Jim Riggs and son, Tom Riggs, and their wives, Janna and Buffi, and their grandson and granddaughters, son and daughters currently run the Crossed J Ranch.



Crossed J Ranch stockpile and materials below the foothills of the Chiricahuas.







20 Jan 2013

The Family That Ranches Together …

The Crossed J Ranch

The Jim and Janna Rigg’s Family Ranch

Sulphur Springs Valley, Cochise County, Arizona

The families of Jim Riggs (4th generation Riggs) and Tom Riggs (5th generation Riggs) graciously opened their home ranch to participants in the 20th Wings Over Wilcox Festival.

Thank you.



Jim Riggs – Fourth Generation Riggs to Ranch the Crossed J Ranch

In the Rigg’s Family Since 1879

7000 Acres of Deeded Land with 216 AUM USDA forest Allotment

Sulphur Springs Valley, Cochise County, Arizona


Sixth Generation Riggs: Karissa, Nathan & Ashley


Propane Branding Iron Heater


Tom Riggs, Fifth Generation Riggs, and Family



My Apologies to the Riggs Family Women That Their Images Are Absent



A Potential Sixth Generation Rigg’s Family Member Destined to Live On the Land Somewhere In This Post?

20 Jan 2013

The Wild Bunch

 Wings Over Willcox

Willcox, Arizona’s long-running nature and birding festival celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with an exceptionally cold week’s run up to the event.

On top of that The Wild Bunch came to town in the form of Arizona’s Western Caterers of Cave Creek to do up the ranch-style mid-day meal on the Rigg’s Ranch tour.

Good Food – Good People




Biscuits to die for …



… and the Peach Cobbler, Oh My!!



Bob and Jeri Lyn : The Wild Bunch – Arizona’s Western Caterers of Cave Creek


Get yourself some!

Kudos to whomever planned the Riggs Ranch tours.

20 Jan 2013

The Willcox Wrangler


The Willcox Wrangler


14 Jan 2013

Buyers & Sellers ~ The Faces of the Willcox Livestock Auction ~ Vol 3

Willcox Livestock Auction

 Willcox, Arizona

Weekly Thursday Cattle Sale

Thursday January 10, 2013

A Thank You to Sonny Shores, Working Owner & Paul Ramirez, Auctioneer

willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0589 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1422 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1429 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1442 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_8891 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_9032 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_9036 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_9149 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_9151 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_9192 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1360 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1237 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1248 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1261 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_9228

Thank You All For Your Willingness To Allow the Lens To Capture You


Expanded Gallery To Follow




12 Jan 2013

Buyers & Sellers ~ The Faces of the Willcox Livestock Auction ~ Vol 2

Willcox Livestock Auction

Willcox, Arizona

Weekly Thursday Cattle Sale

Thursday January 10, 2013

A Thank You to Sonny Shores, Working Owner & Paul Ramirez, Auctioneer

willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0967 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0974 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1023 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1060 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1079 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1093 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1112 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1152 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1161 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1176 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1305 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1330 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1343 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1371willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_1393

Thank You All For Your Willingness To Allow the Lens To Capture You

Expanded Gallery To Follow

12 Jan 2013

Buyers & Sellers ~ The Faces of the Willcox Livestock Auction (AZ) ~ Vol 1

 Willcox Livestock Auction

 Willcox, Arizona

 Weekly Thursday Cattle Sale

Thursday January 10, 2013

A Thank You to Sonny Shores, Working Owner & Paul Ramirez, Auctioneer

willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0444 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0468 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0481 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0486 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0589 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0590 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0600 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0605 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0695 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0796 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0821 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0863 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0883 willcoxlivestockauction-IMG_0938

Thank You All For Your Willingness To Allow the Lens To Capture You

Expanded Gallery To Follow





12 Jan 2013

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area

 BLM, Cochise County, Arizona

AZ RT 90 East of Sierra Vista, Arizona

Peak Season April into June








 Friends of the San Pedro

9 Jan 2013

Wisdom’s Cafe & Amber Norgard ~ Tumacacori, Arizona

Wisdom’s Cafe ~ Fruit Burro (FB)

Go with the pumpkin pie!!


Way pleasant staff!!

Margaritas are well mixed and potent, thank you Herb; and the food is excellent.

Amber Norgard’s music was a pleasure.

Amber Norgard FB

A winning combination, as evidenced by the line at the door well before opening and the steady crowd through out the evening.

4 Jan 2013

Arizona : The Good Oak Tree

In 1736, thousands of pounds of silver were found in the hills 40 miles southwest of the Tumacacori Mission. Prospectors rushed to the site. Captain Juan Bautista de Anza (senior) arrived to determine whether the silver was a natural deposit, available to prospectors, or a treasure – property of the King of Spain. Many letters were issued from a nearby ranch known as “Arizona”, meaning “the good oak (tree)” in its Basque owner’s  native tongue. In the end, the silver went to the prospectors. The “silver of Arizona” became legendary throughout the region.

120 years later, promoters of a new U.S. territory chose the name “Arizona” for what would, in 1912, become the 48th state.

The Santa Cruz River Valley of southeastern Arizona contains wonderful natural areas.


Patagonia Lake State Park


Sonoita Creek State Natural Area


Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve


Madera Canyon


4 Jan 2013

Tumacacori National Historical Park

Tumacacori National Historical Park

Tumacacori, Arizona

Check out Wisdom’s Cafe ~ Good food & good people.

Go some Friday night when Amber Norgard is performing.

3 Jan 2013