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Travel Musings : 11/28 & 29 2011

Early to bed, early to rise.

Day One we drove until tired, not much beyond sunset. Am not sure of the hour but still early evening. Drove beyond last years cold sleep stopover. Had a full day to drive this time through. Warm balmy evening and subsequent morning as well.

Learning curve issues: internet connection and inverter.

I-84/I-81/I-80 into the Keystone State of Pennsylvania beyond Wilkes-Barre. One stretch of interstate just into Pennsylvania near dusk was awash in hunter’s orange. Hunters seemingly everywhere; this with vehicles all around traveling at 55 – 65 miles per hour. Hunters walking the roadway, their vehicles parked on the shoulder, standing by the side of the road with their quarry, in tree stands within sight of the interstate: all armed and at the ready. Way odd so close to the highway, but then again I am not a hunter. Maybe I might do the same with a camera?

Quite a bit of variability of interstate roadway surface conditions.

Between states?

Between budget cycles?

A sign of the state of our infrastructure?

A monochromatic morning and lowering skies heading west on I-80 in the northern tier of Pennsylvania. The low clouds and fog hid any sunrise over the rolling farmland. Further on lifting banks of clouds and clearing skies highlighted the well kept prosperous appearing farms in the rolling countryside of Centre County Pennsylvania. All back-dropped by the low mountain ridges of the Allegheny Mountains.

Centre County, one of my favorite places.

Alt Route 220 led us south to the borough of Unionville, Pennsylvania (2010 census of 291, markedly down from the 313 of 2000) for our annual breakfast pilgrimage to the Unionville Café. Multiple “Beware of Aggressive Drivers’ signs made us wonder aloud about the local drivers. Querying the locals in the Café cleared things up. Seems the truckers in their big rigs on PA Alt Route 220 are rabid drivers or at least ‘aggressive’ drivers.  A good breakfast meal was had at the Unionville Café: locally raised pork sausage meat cake featured prominently.

Notable and slightly odd Pennsylvania town, more correctly, borough names: Jersey Shore in the middle of the mountains of Pennsylvania miles from the ‘Jersey Shore’

(Jersey Shore was originally named Waynesburg by the two brothers, Reuben and Jeremiah Manning, who laid out the town circa 1785.[3] Around the time that this was happening, a settlement arose on the eastern side of the West Branch Susquehanna River opposite Waynesburg. A rivalry developed between the two settlements, and those on the eastern shore began referring to the settlement on the western shore as the “Jersey Shore,” because the Manning family had relocated from New Jersey. The nickname became so fixed that in 1826 the original name of Waynesburg was officially abandoned and changed to Jersey Shore.[4] )

that and Buckhorn, Snow Shoe and Mile Run.

Pleased to be traveling to places where we want to be, no where that we have to be!

30 Nov 2011

Leaving the North Country (& Family) Behind ~ 11/28 2011

New Hampshire becomes Massachusetts becomes Connecticut becomes New York becomes Pennsylvania.

Leafless white birch, pine green foliage on display, dead-brown-leafed hangers-on amid the substantial leavings of an early winter snow melting away in some freakishly warm late November weather in northern New Hampshire.

North Country two lane bi-ways give way to down-state multi-lane highways.

Facebook sharings.

Phone calls.

The goodbye breakfast.

Hugs and kisses.


Rick Santorum, he of the self-proclaimed family of seven ages 3 to 20, and New Hampshire’s retail hand-shake Republican primary politics intrudes on the moment.

One guesses Catholic family the other guesses multiple marriages.

Neither guess gets asked nor verified.


Iced-up water yields to open moving water.

Granitic road cuts become the basaltic columns of the Hudson River Valley.

‘Can’t Get There From Here’ north-south roads with east-west roads being few, far between and steep predominate the North Country.

Quickly left behind.

Notches become Water Gaps.

New Hampshire becomes Massachusetts becomes Connecticut becomes New York becomes Pennsylvania.

The journey begun.

 11/28 & 29 2011

30 Nov 2011

Lil’ Tiger ~ Belated Halloween Costuming ~ Wyatt ~ 11-12 2011

Could not pass up a shot or two of Wyatt in his Halloween duds!

Lions & Tigers & Bears!

Oh My!

Thank You Cleveland McKinneys’ !

We are on the road after Thanksgiving.

Someone else will have to pick up the visual chronicling of young master Wyatt from there.

12 Nov 2011

Wyatt 11-12 2011

Proud of his ability to hold his head up high and strong and turn it every which way as he tracks visually.

Does it just because he can; and then some!

Starting to figure out the burp cloth hide and go seek routine with his Gram.

Good clean fun!

Developing the hand-eye connection.

Able to focus on a stationary object hanging in front of him and clasp it with both hands (then inserting in mouth).

Beginning to teethe.

12 Nov 2011

Lindsay & Wyatt

… burp cloth and all!More smiles on everyone’s face … good energy!

6 Nov 2011

Wyatt ~ 3 Months & 3 Weeks ~ No Longer A Newborn

Mr. Man has found his voice.

Very vocal at this point in time, almost shouting.

A seemingly joyful discovery of self and an exuberant celebration of that discovery.

Good strong control of his head.

Tracking visually with his eyes, tracking an object with his head and eyes.

Grabbing and manipulating things to his mouth.

Prefers to be held upright, standing or sitting, so that he can peruse his environment.

He does one thing or the other at this point in time.

If he is vocalizing he is not tracking, if he is tracking visually then he is not vocalizing.

All intent and energy goes into the singular action.

Wyatt’s Mom (my youngest daughter Meghan) is way content with herself and life.

And why not?


5 Nov 2011

Wyatt, Bob & Meghan ~ Fall 2011

Late in posting.

We have had a record October snowfall (2 feet in some down-state towns) since these images were captured.

The snow is gone from the door yard up north and we are trying to recapture that Fall frame of mind.

Belly laughs!


Ya think?

Knitted Brow ~ Little Mr. Intensity!

4 Nov 2011