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Mack Antique Truck Fleet ~ Henniker, New Hampshire

Skip McKean owner of Ayer & Goss Fuels and Skip McKean Transport of Henniker, New Hampshire keeps a stable of restored and road-worthy antique Mack trucks.

We first ran across the McKean fleet of antique Macks at the Barrington Truck Show in Barrington, New Hampshire (third Sunday in August every year).

This year we followed the McKean Macks from Epping back to Henniker for a morning shoot. On a way bright sunny day  ( 🙁 ) the McKean staff were more than willing to turn the trucks out for display.

The McKean / Ayer & Goss website lists the following trucks as part of the collection.

1942 Mack ED pickup

1946 Mack EH oil truck

1950 Mack A40 propane truck with 1967 Mississippi tank body

1940 Mack DE utility truck

1951 Mack LF tractor

1954 Farrell Oil Tank Trailer

1956 Mack B85 tractor

1951 Trinity twin barrel propane tanker

1985 Mack Superliner tractor

1953 Massey Harris propane fired tractor

1930s Reproduction Oil Tank Wagon


This shoot was limited to two trucks for no real reason other than circumstance.mckeanfleet-8.2015-7687 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7690

 On a bright sunny day, ya’ gotta love ‘Shell Oil Yellow’

Squint, Squint!!mckeanfleet-8.2015-7699 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7708

Out the Old Concord Road : Henniker, New Hampshire.mckeanfleet-8.2015-7722 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7729 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7730 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7772 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7779 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7790Phone numbers true to the era.

mckeanfleet-8.2015-7792 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7841 mckeanfleet-8.2015-7857

Thank you Skip McKean Transport and staff.

Barrington Truck Show 2014

Barrington Truck show 2015


27 Aug 2015

Barrington Truck Show ~ 2015

Barrington Truck Show ~ 2015

For over 50 years the Barrington Old Truck Show has been a fixture on a single Sunday late in August each summer out back of Calef’s Store  at the RTS 125/9 junction in Barrington, New Hampshire. Lots of disappointment when the 2015 Barrington Truck Show moved out of town a ways down the road to the Star Raceway in Epping, NH.

Trucks and truckers were spotted headed north to Barrington as we headed south to Epping.

Not the same on lots of levels : attendance, commercialism, cost to the spectator, organization & grouping of vehicles, and the grounds in general. Check out the 2014 blog entry.

Change : Change for the better??

Let’s wait and see the 2016 Barrington Old Truck Show’s location:

Is a return to the Town of Barrington possible?

All the same some way nice trucks on an overcast day.

barringtontruck2015-7326Mercury P/U ~ Who Knew?


A Couple of Clean Favoritesbarringtontruck2015-7333

’48 Dodge PWGNbarringtontruck2015-7343 barringtontruck2015-7345

’48 Diamond Tbarringtontruck2015-7349 barringtontruck2015-7350 barringtontruck2015-7359 barringtontruck2015-7360 barringtontruck2015-7412

My favorite fleet thanks to Skip McKean and ‘The Only Henniker On Earth’

Where else but in New Hampshirebarringtontruck2015-7423 barringtontruck2015-7428 barringtontruck2015-7429 barringtontruck2015-7430 barringtontruck2015-7432 barringtontruck2015-7434 barringtontruck2015-7436 barringtontruck2015-7447

All Hail the Read Mackbarringtontruck2015-7450 barringtontruck2015-7465

Owner and Admirersbarringtontruck2015-7492 barringtontruck2015-7495 barringtontruck2015-7499 barringtontruck2015-7524 barringtontruck2015-7525

More from my favorite  fleet.barringtontruck2015-7534 barringtontruck2015-7545 barringtontruck2015-7555 barringtontruck2015-7559

Dodge Power Wagon : Another Favoritebarringtontruck2015-7594 barringtontruck2015-7598 barringtontruck2015-7605

One of the last in line and last to the show but one of the best in the show.

Classy and clean hauler.barringtontruck2015-7637 barringtontruck2015-7641

Barrington Truck Show ~ 2015 : Expanded Gallery

Barrington Truck Show ~ 2014

24 Aug 2015

Upper Valley Vixens v Bay State Brawlin’ Broads

Upper Valley Vixens v Bay State Brawlin’ Broads

August 8, 2015

Away Bout to the tune of 120 – 366 in favor of the visiting Twin State Derby / Upper Valley Vixens.

vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A8624There and Gonevixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A8891BOOMvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A8999

Wide Swingvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9257Toe Stop Airvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9281

Positioningvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9519BOOM BOOMvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9520Comin’ Throughvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9557Fore Arm Shiver

vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9585Up As Onevixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9591Looks a Whole Lot Like Ol’ Style Roller Derby vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9617More Toe Stop Airvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9819Movin’ Down the Linevixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9888The Claw : Yes ??vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9897Blue Blazes

vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9901On the Move

vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A9957Inopportune Toe Stop Airvixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A0001Jess Jammin’

vixens.8.8.2015-_Y9A0164Bout Gallery Link (100 imgs)

Expanded Bout Gallery Link (300+ imgs)

20 Aug 2015

Coastal Maine Photo Tours ~ Dee Peppe

Coastal Maine Photo Tours

Gorgeous scenery, like-minded folks, and an experienced teacher-photographer. What better way to get back on track photographically.

After a hard winter battling the elements on a number of fronts we got out to the mid-coast of Maine, Rockport-Rockland and the ferry out to Vinalhaven with Dee Peppe of Coastal Maine Photo Tours fame.

vinalhaven-_Y9A7104Debbie, with a smile on her lovely face, resting and massaging those troublesome and painful feet.vinalhaven-_Y9A7124

You tell me.vinalhaven-_Y9A7201

Debbie apropos in front of Robert Indiana’s sculpture and ‘Exile on Main Street‘ home on Vinalhaven.vinalhaven-_Y9A7214Wonderful Porch

vinalhaven-_Y9A7216 vinalhaven-_Y9A7285

An imagery challenge on the ferry ride home. (two of ten)vinalhaven-_Y9A7287 vinalhaven-_Y9A7305Thank you Dee Peppe

19 Aug 2015

Marshall Point Light & Port Clyde ~ Coastal Maine


Way out on the tip of the St Georges peninsula sits Port Clyde, Maine, the Marshall Point Light and the ever present wooden dories.

portclydemaine-_Y9A6921 portclydemaine-_Y9A6991 portclydemaine-_Y9A6999 portclydemaine-_Y9A7033 portclydemaine-_Y9A7034

12 Aug 2015

Dark Harbour Dulse Cowboys


This harvestable and sustainable seaweed supports a working community of between 70 to 90 dulse ‘cowboys’ out of Dark Harbour on the rugged protected and inaccessible western side of Grand Manan, NB Canada.

In addition to the dulse harvesters, three to four buyers are part of this Grand Manan mariculture mix.

dulsecowboys-8339dulsecowboys-8364Dulse drying grounds at a dulse buyer’s residence.

Roland’s Sea Vegtables

dulsecowboys-8342 dulsecowboys-8344 dulsecowboys-8346An agreeable and outdgoing ‘dulse cowboy’ showed up to turn his drying weed.

Friendly guys who were more than willing to have their pictures taken and be chatted up: Thank you!

‘Try it, you’ll like it,” as they hit you up with a handful of ‘the best’ dulse.dulsecowboys-8349 dulsecowboys-8350 dulsecowboys-8352 dulsecowboys-8355Roll it up one way, flip the roll and roll it back out the other. Dry it once per side. Done in one warm sunny day.dulsecowboys-8356 dulsecowboys-8358 dulsecowboys-8361 dulsecowboys-8363 Rugged cliffs to the right and to the left with a large brackish lagoon protected by a stone and driftwood seawall form Dark Harbour on the sheltered and inaccessible western side of Grand Manan. The structures are more on the order of hunting or fishing camps than year round domiciles.

The tides and the weather drive the ‘dulse cowboys’ work schedule with the dulse being accessible for harvest only at low tides.

High tide limited access today.dulsecowboys-8366The channel to the ocean beyond the lagoon is at the point where the tree line ends.dulsecowboys-8375It appeared that good health and a willingness, a sound dory, a pickup truck and a place to sleep would support one in the  Dark Harbour dulse trade.

Two man show though.dulsecowboys-8376 dulsecowboys-8380 dulsecowboys-8388

The Dulse Cowboys of Dark Harbour Grand Manan, NB Canada

Roland’s Sea Vegetables

Dark Harbour Dollar : Dulse


3 Aug 2015

Puffin On the Wing

Machias Seal Island – Bay of Fundy

A US – Canada Territorial Dispute

In this day of automated lighthouses serviced by helicopter Canada keeps a lighthouse keeper at the Machias Seal Island light to maintain sovereignty and a record of continuous habitation.

On this particular day the swells were too high to attempt a landing. Had to content myself with shooting from a rolling, pitching and surging boat.

The Grand Manan lobster fishery experienced its most profitable catch this past season.

The out and back journey of 90 minutes each way gave me a gut appreciation for making one’s living at sea. My vestibular system was sorely disrupted. Even a day later as I sit here I still feel the pitching and rolling and am slightly nauseated.

Another good reason to live in the mountains.

grandmanan-7979 grandmanan-7980 grandmanan-7981 grandmanan-7982 grandmanan-7984

2 Aug 2015

Ile Grand Manan ~ NB ~ Canada

Ile Grand Manan

The Bay of Fundy and the Labrador Current

New Brunswick, Canada

North Head ~ Swallowtail Light




North Head Harbour



Company Herring Boats to Transport Herring From the Weirs but No Herring



The Bigger Lobster Boats Are Being Outfitted for Scallops. The Fleet Leaves Sunday for a Week of Scalloping.


Seal Cove at Low Tide

grandmanan-7504 grandmanan-7506

Old Wharves and Processing Plants

grandmanan-7527Seal Cove Has Seen It’s Heyday Come and Go



grandmanan-7575grandmanan-7568 grandmanan-7578 grandmanan-7579 grandmanan-7581

I Wondered What the Inside Was Like

1 Aug 2015